Thursday, 9 April 2015

Foggy day

Today I did run around and play hidey-seek with my dad in the fog. He said I was rubbish cos sitting down on the grass didn't count.

I did get damp fur and feets so I had to be puffed dry with an angry blower

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Pooh's Ashdown Forest

I did go for a little Easter Monday walk with my Mum and Dad on sumfink called the Pooh trail...
it wasn't as smelly as I was expecting - and there wasn't much poop

I did sit and glance for a while - wunderin where all the sheeps is

This was a long and windey hill that had my mum standing in it

This is not Pooh bridge - but I did have a poo and this is a bridge.

This is Pooh Bridge with some kids on it. Dad did chuck a stick over it and run to the other side...I didn't cos I haven't got any fingers. 

We walked around the East Sussex countryside (11.5 kilometers), Five Hundred Acre Wood, Hartfield and Withyham. We stopped at a pub where mum and dad did eat some ham'n'chips'n'egg with beer....... I had some........water