Monday, 6 June 2016

10K appledore circular 4th June 2016

We did go wunnin around Appledore taking in the Saxon Shore Path and the Royal Military Canal

But first we had to get there. Brae is looking wewy grumpy with his face hanging out of the car.

Dad made us sit by this post, but we was too exited to pose, so we didnt, we rolled in the grass instead

We had to have our leads on cos of them pesky sheep wunnin about crashing into each uvver.
Pesky sheeps wunnin about in a swamp like a gaggle of

Brae finded some long fresh grass to eat like a moo-cow

Then he finded the Butty-cups

Then we finded the Butty-cups

We both jumped into the butty-cups to see if we liked butter, instead we gettid all yellow

This is a picture of my fluffy butt in a wheat field

This is a picture of Braes fluffy butt weeing on some wheat that will probably turn up in your toast

 We attacked mum wiv our tummies (that will teach her grrrr)

Brae said he spotted the odd plant out (hes a bit of an orticulturalist)

We got back to the car in time for a lay down