Monday, 24 July 2017

23rd July, Aylesford up onto the North Downs Circular

Sunday afternoon hike from Aylesford

 up to the North Downs taking in the little village of Eccles

This is the mostest stupid orse troff ever - how is I supposed to fit in this

Check out my collection of Burrs - I calls them my friends

This field is particularly good for looking from - we looked East, we looked West, we looked Norf and we  looked South. There was nuffink interesting so we looked down

Brae finked he had found the bones of a cave-man and was going to dig them up cos he needed a snack

Don't look at this megalithic 'dolmen' burial chamber...... Look at Brae. Its all me, me, me, me with that Brae.

Brae goes in for the orse kiss but accidentally did a bark instead - will he never learn.

This is a flippin mangy vineyard. It has the tiniest grapes. We has better grapes at home, the size of apples..............erm...............hang on............................I fink the variety is called Apple tree.

I was just heading off into the savannah for a poop... just like a lion.

I have absolutely nuffink to say about this picture apart from...............nuffink

Here is the map that we follered.

Monday, 17 July 2017

15th July 2017, Ashdown Forest - Buxted - 25 Km.

Our fifth big hike of the year over the Ashdown Forest taking in Fairwarp, Buxted, High Hurstwood and Maresfield

I did find some poo that needed rolling in - it did smell a bit hooman though, so dad threw me into a pond......................................$*@tard

Braes bum

Here is my bum - it looks like we is walking through the Savanah. I telled Brae that there was lions and stuff hiding so he did a frighten and wunned away really fast

A lovely Beech tree avenue through the forest with a serious amount of leaves that we could roly poly in

Brae said he wanted to go to church, but when we got there he said he would rather have a figgy roll.

Orse kissin is one of my favourite fings - Brae is a bit clumsy and does a confuse with orse kissing and orse biting so he rolls in the dirt instead.

I did a giant Arroooooooo to see iffin an echo would come back.... we waited and waited but I fink it cluttered off to Scotland.

ppplllrrrp - that's got that out of my system

We always find the water.. much to dads dismay

The blue line is the one that was followed most frequently, sometimes we lost it a bit

Thursday, 13 July 2017

France 2017

Bonnes Vacances

en France July 2017

This is a picture of me and Brae's playground when we is in the land of fromage

I is doin a little blepper here and Brae is doin his best not to look at me in case he bursts into laughter

We is being wewy Henglish and forming an orderly, sit down, queue - Brae looks like a tiny pupper in this piccy

Now we is a 8 legged, 2 headed
Not really, we is bein particular nosey in case somebody walks out of the buchers wiv a sossage

We climbed some rocks so we could look magnificent together, but Brae wanted to be more magnificenter so he climbed higher..... dammit

We is playing hidey-seek - I is so clever that I is hiding in plane sight doing a bamboozle on Brae.

Bottoms up

I did spy two spikey Rocket fingies

We did a swim with our boy-ant-see aids

This is us modelling our floaters

We was bein heros and doin a swim naked - I was more heroic than Brae cos he was bein a pansy without his floater.

We was havin a long lunch like the French workmen that were doing a snooze nearby

This is the ally that we live down, Brae was pertendin to be an Hollyhock

Dad did bring home a souvenir or two