Sunday, 28 February 2016

Alfriston to Newhaven Circular 27th Feb - 28.5 km

 Today we did go for a hike on the South Downs, Starting the the Old Church in Alfriston then circular to Newhaven and back

 I was finking that I would drive today - but dad said no.

Longest tunggggg......................ever

Brae did scoff dads Peppered Stake Slice - silly dad turned away for one second and Brae was in like a ninja.

 I was very happy to be standing in this meadow - Brae was sniffing a poo.

 I did find a smelly pond to splosh in.

Me and Brae sitting on the banks of the river Ouse - as you can see we is both thoroughly exited 

We was on the way back from Newhaven. I did find a wind measuring device that dad did let me wear. Brae was clearly jealous.

 Brae did get the hump cos I could tell if it was windy with my feather fing and he couldnt.

 Frank, Wilson and Brae we being sensible and sitting down, I on the uvver hand was being a right banana.

 We is sitting by the toppest triangulator fing

 Brae stopped to admire the view

I stopped to admire the view

 I is sitting on top of the world

We is being like a cupple of clouds, floatin about on the side of an big hill

Here is the map to the areas that we did walk.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Hadlow Circular 21st Feb 2016

Dull and overcast  Sunday so we did go for a walk.

Mr Pippin and Merry are devising a plan to take over the world

We is helping Mum with Sunday dinner - we is providing the assault course to keep her fit 

There was a giant Troll under this small bridge............erm.........not lying

Braego Soft Shadow is trying to get his Flying Badge

We did  pose in the woods, I was teeching Brae how to search for truffles, but we did forget our spades

I was still clean at his stage

Mum with her silly hat on 

This is a picture of some Polytunnel fings that dad finked was interesting - I fink it is a pile of rubbish.

Brae did gettid a dirty under-belly

erm..I did gettid a dirty under-belly

Brae could see a Rookery that would need some further investigation.