Monday, 7 November 2016

6th November 2016 - Sammy meet up in Trench Park at Cockfosters........arf

Not a lot that you can say about this apart from it was a meeting wiv lots of Samoyeds - it was wewwy loud to begin wiv.

Me and Brae have sussed out who has the best treats here today..

Brae is licking an outsider

Everydogsbody licks the outsider..

Whiffy pond gets invaded by white clouds 

Some Sams were clever enough to bring their wellies

We is trying not to sit down patiently and everybody is helping to ruin this photo opportunity.

5th November 2016 - 29k Hartfield, Withyham and Lye Green circular

Wilson was being one of the lads cos he needed to take his mind off of stuff. We on the uvver hand had our mind set on scoffing dads sossage rolls when we stops for lunch.

Sometimes, those flippin worms need a good head-but 


This leaf was making me so angery.......... I wunned away from it.

Brae is wubbish at catchin feasants.. 
but it turns out that I is even more rubbisher than him.

Wilson was trying to tell us one of his stupid jokes so we wunned away from him (have you heard his jokes?

This isnt Brae cos it is far too clean.

Two streams later and we is getting nearer to clean water.

Brae truly conckered this rock in a single bound. He is going to be my hero for the rest of the day.

These leaves looked so happy that we finked we would have happy time wiv them....note to self..Brae is no longer my hero

The magical culours of Autumn look a bit like......erm....

Tony did telled a lie again.. he said it was only going to be 16.5 miles and it turned out to be 19.5 miles and the pub at the end ran out of Harveys

Monday, 24 October 2016

Seven Sisters Country Park - 23rd October 2016

We did pack our bags and shuffle off the the sea-side via some cliff fings

Brae whispered a little secret to me - I telled him he could wee anywhere he likes cos he is a dog

I found a yellow fing to chew up - Brae found a view of the seaside... he was so exited 

Mefinks you haven't seen our bums for a long time so here is a bit of 'Sammy pron' for you

This is what we cummed to see

Brae was a-paddling - I did a fall-over into the water. Sea water tastes wubbish

You can see the cliffs from here. Brae is doing a bit of bobbing about pertendin to be a likkle bouy.

We is being 'cheeky chappies' - I did have a little tiddle in the sea - Brae was keeping watch-out for Jelly fish in case one comes up and bites ours bums.

We photo-bombed this iconic South Coast view 

...them mum Photo-bombed it too

We is waiting patiently for one of dads Hula-hoops or a pie. We didnt get neever of them.

The cliffs without us in it

Here i is hiding behind a rock

We came back up past the coast guards cottages. We finked it would be wewy nice to live there and then changed our minds cos we would get bored of the flippin sea keep coming in at out

Here it is on a map fing

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Park life - Dark life

We has got our lights on ready for the Winter season

October gets dark early

We is not gonna see anyfing for mumfs

Monday, 10 October 2016

9th October 2016, Teston Circular.

A stroll along the Medway

Dad said 'hang on boys' - we said 'bugger off... were outa here'

Dad eventually catched us up cos Brae stopped to do some fishing or sniffing (cant remember which)
Were off again, the leaves have started to fall off the Willows so we wunned through them to make them fly like likkle

We comed to the end of the field so we had to wait for dad to open the gates

My favorite fing are these sheepsy's just waiting to be eated for Sunday roasts

This is a view of sumfink

We stopped at the Tickled Trout where Mum and Dad did have a fine pint of Whistable Pale Ale 

We laid under the table and waited for them.... Brae did have a snooze cos he gettid bord.

We comed back along the south side toward Wateringbury Station

A map fing that we did follow.

Monday, 26 September 2016

24th September - 29k Farningham to Otford circular, taking in Lullingstone Castle

Eynsford Circular

I fink the road was flooded with too much drinking water - so we halped to reduce the levels with a bit of serious.....erm.....drinking.

There was a piece of grass sticking up out of the ground so i rolled on it to stick it back down again.

Lullingstone had a loverly shallow river that we couldn't possibly drown in.

I is looking down a worm hole, Brae is tellin me that it is dangerous in case I gets a worm in the eye.

Dammit.... I did get poked in the eye by a wormy fing

'Hello', from a field in Kent

Haaaalllpp.. we is all trapped under the spell of the Pied Piper.

It looks like Wilson is just going to stick his head up my bum..

Here it is