Monday, 18 May 2015

Paws in the Park

I is wearing my cerstificate for being the second most handsome dog in the park.
So I is going to change my name to "Tylor Whitebeard Lord of the Yew Tree"

I did get to sniff thousands of other dogs goolies at Paws in the Park on Sunday at the South of England Showground and a judge said I was loverley and gived me this rosette

Friday, 8 May 2015

Rural car surfing

The best place for my head is out of the window - how else is I to check for Venison and Sheepsy's in the forest

I had to shout at my dad to 'go' cos the wind did stop blowing in my face.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Special little boy

Dad said I was Such a Pretty Boy - so he did take my HD piccy in front of his flowers...............GAY...........I wanted my picture taken in front of a big....erm....crushing thing or a  helicopter or a steam roller or a unicorn. NOT FLOWERS.

Chiddingstone circular walk

Today I did a 15 kilometer walkies taking in some pubs from a place called Chiddingstone to Penshurst to Charcott and Chiddingstone Causeway.

This is the Chiddingstone where they did bring naggety old wimmin to tell them off for being naggety old bints ....or something like that.

I was being a pest so dad did sit me on the chiding-stone for a good chiding...........whatever..

I did cross the river Eden
 over this humpy bridge

I wanted to play with these LLamafings

I was quite a long way up this hill when I did stop for a wee

The woods were very green and I was wearing my skully-crossbones bandanna

Crappy map which dad couldn't read for toffee