Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Samoyed Coat

I is extremely disappointed that my dad did buy me this coat fing from China.
How is I supposed to wee. pffft
I will bite it off when dad is not looking...
(Note from Dad...Brilliant - promise to stop laughing soon)

Monday, 1 December 2014

Newhaven under the cliffs

Today I did went to the sea and here is some photygraphs of me larking about

Giant puddles everywhere

I like splashing

I was havin to check the depths of some of the watery bits cos they was deeper than a hole

This limpet thing was heading for a crash wiv a winkle - I didn't hang about cos I got bored waitin.

Newhaven Lighthouse is not very light

Yellow cliffs with a secret cave that i did sneak a looksy in

'Barnacle Bills' hurts my feeties

I did like this pool so i did jump in it

Crabs everywhere but them buggers is all under water

I did teach this ball a lesson for turnin up on our shores

top view of my head

Shame I cant drink this cos it makes me poo and sick

Yoiks.. I did bonk into dad

Monday, 17 November 2014

A day out in Eastbourne

I was finking that I do really like the seaside when I woke up.
Then like magic Mum and Dad whisked me off to one of my uvver favorite wet places

Dramatic skies over Eastbourne - Just before it did rain and I did get wetter than a cloud thingy 

Some lonely Iron Pyrites swimmin in some water

Some lonely seaweeds swimmin in some water

A hut where I did snooze until it stopped raining

Its me - rock pooin again

Somebody said - 'wheres Wally' - Idiots, its me Tylor

I is thinkin bout growing a longer tongue

I is hiding in the pebbles

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Post-it game

Today I went to work with my dad and we did play a game where I have to guess who I is.........What a rubbish game - I don't even know who Judge Dredd is..!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Seven Sisters

Seaside - I luv the seaside.
Today I did all my favorite fings.
1. Got up at 6:30, went to the park and had a poo
2. Had a blow dry and brush
3. Had raw meat for breakfast
4. Went upstairs and had a lay-in/wrestle with mum and dad
5. Had full Sunday dinner, Roast Beef, tatoes, yorkshire puffings, spinnidge and peas
6. Stuck my head out the car window when it was going fast...brilliant
7. Walked in a country park.
8. Found the seaside.
9. Did sum rockpoolin
10. Slept in the car
11. Had roastid lambsy's for dinner
12. Early evening nap
13. Ate anuvver one of mums bra's
14. Went to bed
But I luv the sea

Where are all the crabbies

You can count all Seven Sisters when the tide is this far out

dibbling my toes

Quick pose for the camera before I run around like an eejit

Friday, 10 October 2014

Sheep Proofing

I am now officially sheep proofed.
Whats that? I hear you say.
Well after my Peak District walks I was told that I was...erm....rubbish with sheep .pfft. so the weekend after, I found my self comfortably sitting in the car expecting an nice walk in the countryside.

Then wonder upon wonders I did spy some sheepsy's at a farmyard where we stopped - some where having their hair cut off by a man with a buzzing thingy - (I didnt like the idea of that) some were wandering about aimlessly in a field n stuff... I did luv them all and wanted to play.

Well after an half hour of special treatment I didn't want to chase/play with them any more. My dad said it was 30 quids well spent (whatever that is supposed to mean) and we can apparently go to a place called Ashdown Forest now where they also have sheepsy's that I also wont be chasing.

If you want to be like me - try..

Email: tobin@woodside-farm.com       
Phone: 07771 710134
Address: Tobin Bird
Woodside Farm
Iden Green
TN17 4EZ

Message from dad: Does anyone know any local deer herders?

Monday, 29 September 2014

Climbing in the Dark Peaks

Heading up through Ashop Head

Resting above Kinder Reservoir atop Kinder Scout in the clouds

I finded a peat bog

North Gritstone edge toward Fairbrook Naze - up 2000ft

Mam Tor with Mum

Sharing a Joke with Dad

Kinder reservoir