Monday, 23 January 2017

Sunday 22nd January Walk cross country to Groombridge from Tunbridge Wells

Mum and Dad wanted some pub grub, so we had to walk cross country to the Junction Inn, in Groombridge.

I is dooing a cheeky little pose for you.

Brae did a cheeky photo-bomb

Once upon a time there were sheepsies in this field - we could sniff them.

It was a lovely blue, sunny day and them birdies was singing (except for them Woodpeckers, theys is a wubbish song)

Aha... Brae has stumbled upon a posh house were Lord sumfink-or-anuvver lives

We has got our mind set on beef belly and rice for dinner.... cant stop...byee.

21st January 2017 - Bewl Bridge Circular 25K

First major hike of the year so we did go for a march around the Bewl water fingy place

We did have to wait in dads car until everybody was ready to go - this was a wewy noisy experience wiv lots of borking and stuff. Brae did put his cute face on so no-one could tell he was a being an norty boy

Brae did check to make sure the frost is cold enough for everybody to walk in.

The water was wewy cold, but we swimmed in it anyway.

Dad did shout for us to get out cos it was far too early in the walk for us to get wet and if the wind changed direction we would get stuck.

Brae did start to freeze to the ground and had to do a gigantic leap to free himself.

Brae is looking at the ice and wunderin iffin he could eat it.

We is wewy nearly turning into spooky sillowets.

Brae was dooing a ferocious bork at his shadow, cos it had been following him about all morning.

Apparently an whale was drinking all the water up, so the reservoir was getting wewy low 

Brae was wunnin about on this giant letter 'T'

Fluffy butts suck up lots of water.......erm.......just sayin.

I did stop for a peruse

A dead persons name was carved in the back of this seat. I cant read, so I didnt!

We were looking really hard but we could not see our house from here. Brea did even give it a special squinty peek through his special bat mask..... nuffink

Brae is dooin a little lean on the verge cos he can't be bovvered to lay down or stand up.

He was quite happy though - So he did give us a little 'Blep'

Here it is iffin you want to go walkies.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Pevensy Castle and Beach - 8th January 2017

We did go to visit the Normans -  but they wasn't there.....

This is Brae, looking at me, looking at a bug, that is looking at the Castle

Brae was checking out the invaders.

Brae is being as majestic as a row of trees

I is wonderin how many dead bodies is at the bottom of the moat - I fink there is at least five

As usual, I is keeping to the footpaths with my eyes out for treasure - didn't find nuffink.

Brae found a cleaning pond

I did find a dirtying pond

Fortunately, the Sea was nearby so we could wash of the stench of old moat

The late afternoon sun is shining on the righteous

People is living quite close to the sea here - but only until high tide, then they all floats away and gets wewy angery.

 I is being part of the sun-set

Brae finks this is a good place to keep a giant wee pole

So tired, had to rest my snoot...

Bexhill-on-Sea. Dec 30th 2016 - Last days of the Year

We did go and find the sea in amongst the fog

Typically, mum is havin a hot chocofing while we is starving to death

Brae wasn't entirely sure wevver he liked the sea in the fog.

I did........

and so did brae eventually

Brae is keeping a look out for seagulls, cos sometimes they has fish and chips in their beeks.

Dad made us sit still in this ....erm....

.........nope..... still don't know what its called

I luvs the sea

We luvs the sea.