Monday, 19 October 2015

Holywell to Cow Gap

We did go and play at the bottom of the Beachy Head place at the sea

Me and Brae both agree.. this hill makes a rubbish slide

Brae finked we should get something slippery on our feet like a fish ............
 I dunno where his head is at sometimes

Dad said that these must be the most idyllic football pitches in the country - just make sure you is not the stupid berk that kicks the ball over the edge. 

There was 'Old Mans Beard' everywhere - so Me n Brae went looking for the old man who's beard it was.

I looked really, really hard, but I couldn't see nuffink that was interesting.

The sun shined on my luverly Mum.

I told Brae to pull mum over - just for a larf.

Brae did climb up this cliff and I wunned up to rescue him.

It was too hot so mum did take her coat off - I woz too hot so I wunned in the sea

Brae did sneek up to see if he could swipe the sarnies - but dad said NO!!

The sea woz nice on our feetsies

I did frighten Brae by tellin him there wuz an angry crab fing in the water - so he woz very carefull where he did put his feet. I did larf cos there wasnt a crab fing at all. Dad said I was childish -wotevver that means 

Brae said he finked he saw 'Spongebob'

Brae stood on this rock

We did scuttle around while mum sitted in the sun

I told Brae to keep a look out for Moby Dick while I did go and pinch dads lunch

I liked this sea-side

There wasn't very many interestin fings to sniff - so I sniffed a pebble that I finked cummed from outer space.

AAARRRGGGGHHH its an alien...........arf...arf

Brae stood back on the rock again......dammmit, I wanted to stand on the rock.

Dad has got very shiney teef

The tide cummed in, so we had to go home

  Holywell to Cow Gap

Monday, 5 October 2015

25K Circular walk from Lewes, Castle Hill Nature Reserve, East Sussex.

We did a big stomp in the South Downs starting from Lewes 

This is a stupid windmill that did try and hide in a cloud, but me and Brae spotted it before it escaped.

Me and Brae wiv dad

I did find sumfing good to sniff while Brea was watching cobwebs. He finked it would be funny to eat a spider. I telled him that it would build a web in his tummy and trap all the food so he could'nt have any more food........ever. That made him cry so I did larf at my own joke

This is Brae after he sicked the spider out, he is much happier now. I is lookin majestically at the misty horizon towards Telscombe Cliff .

Someone made the mistake of getting a sand-wich out so me n Brae dribbled a lot until he gived us a crisp.

The grass was very wet and the clouds did start to bugger-off so I could see a lot further. There wasn't much to see though so I just finked about sumfing else.

Brae was looking hard at a leaf cos he was scared there might be anuvver spider. Then Frank sneaked up to do a photo-bomb. I didnt smell it but Brae said it was orrible.

We sat and looked at some norty sheeps.

If you look really hard you can see............erm.............erm.............I dunno, it was there a minute ago.

We steeled a drink from this orsey troff. 

Me and Frank was havin a drink while Brae talked to an orse. I dunno why cos he cant talk orse langwidge.

We pertended to be chased by this giant farm fing.

Brae showed Martin his bum and we did scoff sum fig biskits.

We did have lots of big views and big hills to clime.

We all sticked our tungs out to see who had got a lucky spot on it. Wilson did win. I don't know why we play this game, cos Wilson always wins.

This is the last hill to go down.

Brae sat down and pulled his 'stupid' face - he does that a lot cos I finked he has lost his marbles sometimes.

This is the way down so I asked Brae wevver he wanted to wun down with me.

So he did.

When we gotted home I did sleep on Brae.

Martin did colour this map in so he didn't get lost