Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Walking With Clouds Meet - 12th November 2017

We did go and meet some pals in Hylands Park.

We were not sure iffin this was a pupper, a giant Pommeroo, an Americano or just a tiny Shoob. So we did give it a good sniffin. God gived us a helping hand with the shard of light.

Brae has got his happy face on cos we meeted some bunches of shoobie frens.

Naturally we checked out the river

Then I did drop my handbag.....

then Tikaani dropped his handbag...

So we all had a little dibble in the river, then we all had a tiddle in the river, then Brae had a drink.....skusting...

We is being a little field of grazing sheepsy's

Brae found this breakfast bar and gobbled up all the bread before we could get to it. Brae can sniff a samich from half a mile away.


We is a happy bunch of lads, but I fink one is a bit happier than the others cos he kept tying to make me pregment.

I was tellin the others about a secret.................shhhh

Final dip and clean off before we comed home