Monday, 5 June 2017

3rd June 2017, Chanctonbury ring - 26 Km in the loverly sunshine.

First of our summer walks on the South Downs. Starting at Washington anti clockwise through Wepham, Findon, Steyning and onto the Chanctonbury Ring

We did a giant run at this gate and smashed it down to get to the water

This is the first of many troffs that required me to stand in them and drink thems wholesome goodness

Don't get the idea that I was enjoying gawping at these flowers ... Dad made me sit there though.

I is a 'Pointer'

We was looking forward to lunch time cos that's the time that Brae cruses the samich boxes for figgy biskits ............We luffs figgy biskits.

We took a moment to remember stuff at the entrance to this grave-yard  - we remembered that we was still hungry and that there was bones in this place that might need a bit of diggin up, but then Brae did a frighten on himself by imagining ghostees and ghouls.....

Demonstrating our ability to float in this heckin great orse troff.

This is us looking as majestic as we know how....

....then we gettid bored.....

.....and decided to look like some sheepsys rollin about and eating sneks in the grass.

Brae finked he was getting a bit tired cos he couldn't quite manage a zoomy here. I sticked my tung out at his see if he finked it looked like a sossage

Brae was all upset cos I ate the sossage

We did park in a car park where the arrer is pointing and walked like a clock going backwards 

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Nuff said

Me and Brae is a cartoon

I is doin an Arooo

We is 14 likkle toons

Whats goin on with this heckin toon

May Bank Holiday - Water and Woods

27th May 2017 Visit to the sea side cos it was wewy wewy hot.

Dad said wait for us......... Brae said bugger orf and was like the wind.
I did stick my tung out cos it felt good

I stopped to give the Birds Foot Trefoil a sniff (not cos I likes flowers)

I didn't wait about for anydogsbody ......I was 'In like Flint'

Loverly, loverly sea-water.

All these flowers had throwed themselves over the cliffs - I did weep for them, Brae did wee on them

Brae was doing a disguise as chalk and pebbles, I was doing a disguise as a fluffy...............erm ........................Sea urchin

Brae eventually gettid in the sea

I telled Brae that there were Sea Enemys in the water, so he got the wusk and walked on the stepping stones

Then he did get brave and bobbed about again

We finded a river that was much more to Brae's liking


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 1st, Groombridge and Harrisons Rocks Circular

Harrisons Rocks

Look at them loverly Blue-bellies - Brae is hanging around cos he likes the pungent waft of pleasant country air from the woods ......

This is mum - she did have her hair done and has taken it out in the first May shower for a walk.

Wun free, Brae my little fat friend

Oh No. I has been mezmerized by the fragrance of the Blue-bellies... Brae has tuned into a blurrr.

We is gonna conker them rocks big time

Awww him looks so cute

Brae is finking.....nuff said.

Brae is doing dad a frighten by scaling this perilous precipice. I is helping to calm dads nerves by checking the wind direction wiv my tung. 

Ready for my 'Leap of Faith'

Brae finks he should be called the 'Master of Disaster' simply cos he did climb this rock - hold on pupper - you has got to gobble-up at least one floor to get this title.

Walking With Clouds Meet - 30th April 2017

Jeskyns Park Sammy Meet - Just 7 Sams this time

Gizmo, Gregory, Skye, Dexter,...erm...dunno... Brae and Tylor

Brae was last in this wunnin race - he was bein too cool to wun

Sombody shouted "SQUIGGLE" so them all legged it - cept me cos I is obedient.

AAARRRGGG.. I did finded a swamp that was trying to swallow me up

See if you can guess which one is me....clue might be in the color of my trowsers.

Monday, 24 April 2017

22nd April 2017, 25km White Horse and Long Man Circular.

We did a hike from Alfriston in East Sussex, taking in the Litlington Orse, Seven Sisters and the Long Man of Wilmington

Brae was trying to friend a swan on face-brook. The swan telled him to get a life...

There is a big white Orse on the hill - he has been trapped by humans for years.

We is doing a sit down at the Seven Sisters country park. I is saying Cheese for the camera - Brae is finking about eating Cheese.

Brae said he would like to catch a snek at Snek river -  I telled him he was an idiot for even thinking about it.

I has got some charming welly boots on from my ventures into a mire.

Brae finked the countryside needed dusting - so he pertended to be a mop (I dont know why we bring him along really)

If you squint really hard you can see the Wilmington Long Man carved into this hillock. Or you can just look at Brae being the Long Dog of Widdlington.

Ahh... the yellow fields of Spring were popping up everywhere.

I called Brae 'Billy no Mates', so he getted the huff and walked on his own......

I telled him we could be 'Billy no Mates' together 

Dad said I needed a wash cos I stinked of pooey pond. Wilson is also getting a spring clean in the next Orse troff along

There was a lady walking through a gate at the bottom of this field with a samich in her bag - so we went to investigate - she said the samich was for her and that we should bugger orf.

We are lurking on the Grassy Knoll.... Watch out everybody 

Here is the map fing that Tony under-estimates the miles with.