Friday, 20 July 2018

The disadvantages of owning 2 Samoyeds

This area is left intentionally blank as there are no disadvantages.

Author suggests you go out and get another one immediately

Friday, 13 July 2018

30th May to 10th July LFD does a visit.

LFD (Little Foster Dude) has six weeks with us while we finds him his forever home

We teached him bad habits - hee hee

No 1 … Jump in Dads ponds

No 2 … Jump in anyfing that has water in it

No 3 … Stop and sniff uvver dogs wee

No 4… How to cheat at poker

No 5... Sleep on mums bed

No 6… Mind meld everyone

No 7… Stop and sniff uvver dogs pooh

No 8... Go to work and fall to sleep

No 9... Chase squiggles

No 10... Become a trip hazard in a place of work

No 11... Go to the pub

No 12... Jump in rivers

No 13... Pull faces just for fun

No 14.. Stay up late

No 15... Become a Derp

No 16... Roll around in the grass

No 17… Pack hunt sammiches

No 18... Just sniff everything

No 19... Show everyone your butt

No 20... Party hard

Thursday, 7 June 2018

21st - 25th May Exmoor gadabout

Mum and dad taked us to Exmoor cos there was a special hill that needed a climb. So we stayed in a dog frenly pub called the Notley Arms in Monksilver

This silly old sod was told 'not to look at Medusa' Typical grown-up not doin as he is told - me an Brae are skilfully avoidin her gaze.

This is Watchet Harbour - I telled Brae to 'watch it' but he didn't get my wry sense of humour.

This is fossil beach - we wandered around and eventually discovered mum.

We wasn't going in this shop in case we gettid smuggled away

I are taller than you stupid earthling

The grass is tasty in Blue Anchor, so Brae had an extra mouthful as ruffage

What a rubbish bridge - dads car wouldn't fit

HUZZAR - we made it up to Dunkery Beacon

Now we is playin 'Ring a Ring of Roses' around a pile of rubble

We took it turns to be the highest in Exmoor

Brae wondered if his bum looks big on this

I finded a worm hole that belonged to the famed Mountain Worm of Dunkery Beacon

Then laid on it to squash the famed Mountain Worm of Dunkery Beacon - my work here is done

If you could look back in time - you would see us on that uvver hill. Brae says he can see back as far as the beginning of time.

We are being handsome together - Brae looks like a giant gonk.

This is the valley of the rocks where some very silly goat fings were jumping on the cliffs. Brae had to avert his eyes cos he is a scaredy cat.

Goats doing a boink about everywhere.

This is a train that works entirely on water - dad says that's nuffing - he works entirely on beer

Likkle lambseativies pertendin to be Brae

Mum done a photo bomb

This is some old view of sumfink or anuvver