Friday 3 January 2020

Company for the Back end of 2019

Emmett the little Foster Dude joins us through October November and December until he gettid his forever home 2 weeks before Christmas.

Brae, Me and Emmet doing a scene from 'The Professionals'

Brae, me and Emmett doing a scene from 'Lost in Space'

Christmas Doggos in Tenterden High Street

Emmett needed a lot of encouragement to get this dirty..

But once he had found the knack..

There was no keeping him out...

of any wet stuff.

He has the happiest face

He liked the countryside

and we taught him to be a sheep

 And he really got into a festive mood

Learned how to win over Mum

and how to be a cat

How to get hosed down and dried.

He cached a squiggle

He met some frens

Became.... art 

and most importantly grew to be a lovely caring, sharing doggo

Monday 28 October 2019

Bruvver Brae turns his paw to ... erm... verbal art.

A poem by Brae Softshadow


There are so many fings in my life that I love,
sausages, biscuits and that old leather glove.
Stuff in the rubbish bin, sunny spots on the floor,
my box of half eated toys and the draught by the door
My dad’s socks, the middle of my dad’s bed,
my dad’s car where I hang out my head.
Chasing squiggles in the park up the trees (aaaarrrrrggg pesky Squiggles)
Long walks by the seaside and that cool winter breeze,
The lamp post on the corner and the one up the road,
the woods where I live especially when its snowed.
The fields and the meadows with a sharp winter frost
the streams and rivers (well the ones that I’ve crossed)
A pond, any pond as long as it’s wet,
my bruvver, my mum and even the vet.
Sheepsys, piggys, an orse and some cows
the doggo over the road when my dad allows.
They pale to insignificance when i see you
and my flopperty heart skips a beat or maybe two.
My darling food bowl, where have you been,
it’s been hours since last you were seen.

[dad had to do a interpret and type cos bruvver Brae is wubbish on a keyboard]

Friday 4 October 2019

En France - September 2019

Out and about wiv Mum n Dad in the Poitou Charentes

Brae said he wanted a name change to ...erm...Jesus. I said he was daft and was it because he was walking on water. He said no, it was because Jesus spelt backwards sounds a bit like sausage.

I said I wasn't going to change my name to Peter but walked on the water anyways.

If you walk on water for too long, you eventually sinks - here is me n Brae sinking in the water.

Dad did buy us floatey fings

Here is Bruvver Brae showing you how sexy they can look.

Brae is deep in his thoughts again - musing over the concept of becoming a boat I suspect.

After a long swim, you need to chillax in a shady spot away from the hubbub of river life.
And think about fishing in the Charente...

I is the king of the Castle at Plan d'eau Lambon

You can just make out the sexiness of my naked knees.

Brae is making sure that I is comfortable enough to sleep on.

Yup.....Is me.

We is enjoying the sun at the Abbey in Celles sur Belle

Sometimes Bruvver Brae needs some sitting company.

I is 'fig' spotting

Doing a rest outside Dads hovel. 

You cant see us from up here cos we is invisible to the human eye.

We went to the Castle in the medieval town of Parthenay - Brae was well happy to climb the castle walls as you can see.

Brae is making sure mum doesn't fall off the edge - he is such a hero

One of these is art!

We is taking our Tribble frens out for a walk in Usseau 

This is not Brae - this is the terribly elusive picnic bear

Bridge sitting in Coulon - we is on a stroke-a-thon.

Doing coffee and doggo biscuits by the Sevre Niortaise

Hob-nobbing with the exclusives in Marans

Just in case you haven't seen us from top view whilst flying over France

Ahhhh.. I is doin a bum-sit in this hot, hot weather. 

This has been builded just for me and Brae to cool down in

The old streets of Parthenay - we think everybody has done a bugger-off for a sieste.

we is being wide boys.