Thursday, 7 June 2018

21st - 25th May Exmoor gadabout

Mum and dad taked us to Exmoor cos there was a special hill that needed a climb. So we stayed in a dog frenly pub called the Notley Arms in Monksilver

This silly old sod was told 'not to look at Medusa' Typical grown-up not doin as he is told - me an Brae are skilfully avoidin her gaze.

This is Watchet Harbour - I telled Brae to 'watch it' but he didn't get my wry sense of humour.

This is fossil beach - we wandered around and eventually discovered mum.

We wasn't going in this shop in case we gettid smuggled away

I are taller than you stupid earthling

The grass is tasty in Blue Anchor, so Brae had an extra mouthful as ruffage

What a rubbish bridge - dads car wouldn't fit

HUZZAR - we made it up to Dunkery Beacon

Now we is playin 'Ring a Ring of Roses' around a pile of rubble

We took it turns to be the highest in Exmoor

Brae wondered if his bum looks big on this

I finded a worm hole that belonged to the famed Mountain Worm of Dunkery Beacon

Then laid on it to squash the famed Mountain Worm of Dunkery Beacon - my work here is done

If you could look back in time - you would see us on that uvver hill. Brae says he can see back as far as the beginning of time.

We are being handsome together - Brae looks like a giant gonk.

This is the valley of the rocks where some very silly goat fings were jumping on the cliffs. Brae had to avert his eyes cos he is a scaredy cat.

Goats doing a boink about everywhere.

This is a train that works entirely on water - dad says that's nuffing - he works entirely on beer

Likkle lambseativies pertendin to be Brae

Mum done a photo bomb

This is some old view of sumfink or anuvver

Little sossage

This is 'Romey' - probably the cutest, cheekiest likkle 4½ year old Chappie we know.
Collected him up on 2nd June and he will be staying with us as a foster until he has finded a kind new home.

This is a picture of him before he laid down in the plant tray

This is just after - him is a water baby methinks, either that or him has sprung a leak

Still... he dries out quickly

This is his handsome side

This is his bright side - easy to do whilst standing next to the gonk

 How unusual.... back in the pond again

Anybody would think I was a giant Sammy magmet - this flippin Romey fing keeps following me about.. cant even have a poo in peace

We finked we would show you our combined collection of fine, fine, fluffy butt

Ummmmm - im tellin dad that you did gettid back in the turdpole pond - AAAAARGGG stop eatin them you will be yomping around like a giant froggy. 

We is playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. I wined cos I is the only one to put 2 paws in.

Romey havin a nap.

Mum said he could sleep on the bed.

Dad said he couldn't (but he still slept on the bed)

Him has got a tiny head

His head is part of a 21kg doggo, my head is part of an 39kg hero

Aw gosh - every dogsbody likes to rest their weary head on mums lap

Romey is pulling Brae around with his lead - Brae is being an anchor to stop him doin a scuttle

We all likes the smell of ……….erm……………...dunno

Monday, 30 April 2018

Walking with Clouds meet - 28th April 2018

Clouds are fun

Gus and Gregory, Brae and me all waiting for the sossage rolls top come out.

Iffin you run up and down this boardwalk enough - it drives the ogres crazy

Mum is in the land of Extacy

Everybody needs a cold rinse after a run in the woods.

Good job we is not sheep else we would shrink like a woolly jumper.

There is a stink of garlic, eever that or somebody did a little toot.

Ahhhhh.... luxurious bathe in a mineral bath - why isn't anybody else coming in?

A herd of ...................erm ......................Samoyeds

We spotted a poo bin that needed us all to wee on it

First stop pond - and last stop pond (with a little pond stop in the middle)
that's why we all luffs Jeskyns Park

Make room for all of us then...