Monday, 12 March 2018

11th March - East Kent beaches

Botany Bay and Kingsgate Bay

This is our mum.....nuff said

Brae said he didn't want to sit still for this he didn't..!!

Castle behind us was built in the 1760's - Brae doesn't give a monkeys cos he doesn't remember that far back

Dad said 'DAMMIT Brae .......will you sit still for just one moment'

This me being one of Mrs White Hens chicks

Brae said he was off to collect some sand in his underbelly (which is very close to the ground)

I finded an interestin lump of rock that had probably been wee'd on by every dog in the neighbourhood

Brae is resistin the temptation to do a heckin run off -  steady boi...

This was dads favourite view. Probably because it was from the pub garden.

I don't know what this hole is called.

We did a bit of wunnin about in the sea.

One of these is mum with her Mothers Day happy face on - the other one is a big fluffy bum.

Because it is a special day. we are keeping mum company.....but not for long. Ready, Set, Leggit-lill

There is lots of slippery sea-weeds growing over the rocks. I did do Brae a frighten by tellin him that them sneaksy pelicans live in the weed and would gobble him up iffin he strayed from the path. He cried like a boo-baby and ran to shore

Brae is keeping an eye out for them pesky Pelicans

You has got to have wide apart eyeses for this picture..

Mum is guarding this hole

Hold the phone..... haven't I sniffed this rock before...............nah..... its got a different whiff about it

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

3rd March 25km Penshurst to Hever circular hike

Big walks every 6 weeks

We left Southborough in the snow. Brae gettid cross, cos he is rubbish at playin hidey-seek in the snow

Brae really, really, REALLY, REALLY, really, really luvs the snow. He has got his bestest cheesy grin on him face

We was tracking the abdominal snow man or somefink - Dad said it was up here somewhere so Brae put his scaredy pants on.

Huzzzar - its me tasting the air wiv my tung

We did a trip-trapety-trip over this Ogre's bridge - the little doggy wiv the coat on must have got eated by the ogre cos we never spied it again.

Huzzar... its me again..................erm.........................tasting the air wiv...................erm tung.. (dammit, I fink I said that once already)

We is dirty little mongrels (well Brae is), I is a dirty little purebreed.

Check out my tidy butt....

That's it - worn out for anuvver day.

We might have walked a little something like this.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Sammy meet Feb 25, 2018 Jeskyns Park

This blog needs no words to explain what's going on here

Here we is with the peoples that we own

Let the Borkathon commence 

I did find the pool of plentifulness

Brae is collecting an extra pattern for his Snoot

Gregory and Gizmo are as cool as cucumbers - Gus is an norty boi

Hump the imposter everydogsbody.

Dad was bamboozled by how different we all look

We would like some sugar in our teas please.

I finded a bum that neaded an snoofer stuck in it.

Yay - Samoyed Friends

All I know is, that the geezer with the hat on is ours dad

Beautiful Brae - wanderin around finking about sossages

Bruvver Brae

Heroic me

Brae is gonna do a Burp!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Littlehampton Circular 17th February 2018

We did a short circular hike in this tiny little village called Climping - (no... it is not a verb).

Here we is in a field full of green stuff - Brae was doing an excite cos he finked he could eat it

Brae was doing a bamboozle cos he had to find his way through the filthy, filthy mud - Brae hates the filthy, filthy mud - I just drinks it!!!

Brae stopped for a pose for the camera like a giant gonk

I particularly am liking this image of my fluffy butt

Brea was trying to be really tiny in this picture - I have yet to teach silly bruvver about 'perspective'

Yay... we finded the sea to wash the dirt off

I can tell that this is the sea - even with my eyeses closed..

I telled Brae that this was a break-water - so he had a wee, I quickly did an escape in case it washed onto my trowsers. (note to self.. teach Brae the difference between a noun and a verb)