Saturday, 22 August 2015

26K Hike on the North Downs Taking in Wye and Chilham

Saturday 22nd August 2015

Brae had been a good boy and earned his special walking harness - he is not the 'master of disaster' yet but working his way up

Brae did see a fesant, flying fingy that he wanted to eat

It was so hot that we were playing a game called 'who can be the best shadow' Frank did win cos he is

It was a very big hill that we wanted to wun down, but we would have had to wun up we didn't do that.

We helped pull dad along the grass

Ha.Ha. I did spy some sheepsys trying to hide from me. They were rubbish cos one went baaaaaaaaaaaaa.

We pertended to be a train, It was Braes turn to be the enjin and Franks turn to be the guards van. It was my turn to roll in poop, so I did.

Brae said my face stinked like poop so he wasn't going to talk to me

Frank and Wilson said my face stinked like poop so they were not going to talk to me eever.

I is smiling cos I eated a banana - Wilson is sticking his tung out cos he has got a spot stuck on it.

Me and Brae had a barf in this troff thing. It was full of weeds and water.

We is a 2 headed dog.      arf......arf

We stopped for a swim in the river Stour.

Me, Frank and Wilson telled dirty jokes to eachuvver cos Brae had gone away - (he is too little for them jokes)

This is a rural scene wiv and combine arvester in it. I watched as it gobbled up the rape seed. What a piggy

We was knackered so I had 40 winks - then we went to the pub and I had anuvver 40 winks - Brae cant count yet so he had to stay awake.

This is where we did go - thanks Tony for the colouring-in

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Seaford August 2015

We did pop to the seaside on the turn of the tide

This is a cave that me, Brae and mum had a wee in

This is planet earf

We did play 'follow the leader'

Brae tried pulling a funny face - I telled him he was an idiot and that he should grow up before the wind changed direction

We had to stop wunning about eventually - just so we could lay down

Dad telled a joke which I thought was funny - Brae looked at his feet, which are also funny.

Mum did talk to Brae..I dont know why she bovverd cos I fink he is a bit 'Johnny Foreigner' and don't understand anyfing but his name.

I hadn't stuck my tung out for at least 10 minutes...So I sticked it out at Brae

Brae had never been to the sea so I showed him how to wun in-and-out and how to stalk scary undersea monsters 

This is me pertending to give birth to Brae 

Oh oh! there is somefing on the beach uvver than us

First I digged a hole to New Zealand....

Then I digged a hole to Australia....

Then I rolled in it

I admired this puddle wiv the sun stuck in it - I fink it has been grabbed by an ocytypuss

I invented a game called 'Wheres Wally' for you - But I is calling it 'wheres that idiot bruvver'

This is Brae bein knackered

This is me bein knackered

Friday, 7 August 2015

Brae (Brego Soft-Shadow)

Introduction to Brae
First fing I did was to teach him to sleep

This is my bruvver Brae (Brego Soft-Shadow) he is like me but not like me. He has always got a dirty face and is lookin for food. I telled him to take off the mask but he said he was pertendin to be a bat.

We is sitting down enjoying the soft grass on our bums. I is lookin at Brae, he is lookin at ...........erm.............nuffing.

We decided to scratch, (well I did anyway) Brae didn't cos he didn't itch.

This is our floor that we are not allowed to chew. Like me, he was rescued from Ireland to England and England to forever home. We eat floors in Ireland cos its the only way to get to them pesky Leprechauns.