Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Bank Holiday Monday - Low tide at Eastbourne

A walk along the South Downs from Holywell to Cow Gap.

Huzzzah.. Freedom to wun and sniff and wun and wun and sniff ... oh did I mention sniff. Brae went off on a skip cos he does that sometimes.

Here is a view wiv our bums in it

This is the perfect environment to collect Cleavers and Burrs.. So we did

Eastbourne disappears into the distance along wiv all the old people that live there.

Were off to the sea. Dad said we have to be careful cos there is a cliff and everyfing there. We completely ignored him cos we has got fluff in our ears.

Mum and dad eventually catched us up as Brea gettid caught sniffing a flower like a big pansy.

First we jumsy'd into this rock pool....

..several times

Then I did teach Brae how to become the Master of the Sea.

Look at his happy little face... 

I looks like a little dwarf in this picture... eever that or Brae looks like a giant.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

7th August 2016 - Kings Hill fun Dog Show

We finked it would be nice to go to a fun dog show

Dad was enjoying the company of this dustbin.

Brae was checking out the Babes wiv his Babescope-radar fingy

This is Galina Grozdanova, a Sammy owner and friend from Bulgaria - Her Sammy is called Grand Smile Captain Charmer ... aka Charm.... Sounds very posh to me. She had to leave him at home (good job really or we would have never winded the trophees).

This is Dad pertending to be a tube of toofpaste.

Mum is holding Braes Trophee for bein the gayest dog in the park. arf.. arf ....erm....I mean 
'The Lovelyest Rescue'

I is dooin a Mighty Mlem wiv my new Gorlfren.

I did keep getting hugs and kisses

Check out our Booty - we has never winned a trophee before and we did get firsts in 'Lovely Rescue', 'Beautiful Eyeses', 'Most Handsome Dog' (thats Me) and third for 'Best Brace'

I finked I would show you my trophee again so I could gloat in front of Brae.

Credit to Paul Baseden - Stanford Photographic for the Show pictures

Credit to me  - for the selfies..arf..arf

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

24th July 2016 - Benenden Circular Village Walk

We did a circular walk around the outside of the Village of Benenden in Kent, Mum was doing the map reading so it was longer than we anticipated by about a mile and a half.

We was waiting for Mum to come out of the pub wiv a plate of food.

We hadn't got very far before my tung did start to hang out

Brae (as usual) finded sumfing to sniff - we had to wait a long time for him to finish

Dad wos trying to take a photo so we tried to get a close up

I was keeping an eye on dad, Brae was keeping an eye out for dinosaurs

Brae is saying 'Mlem' I is saying 'Blep'

Then I did a 'Blem' in front of Benenden School

We finded the only dirty puddle on the walk so we did give ourselves Wellies to go home wiv.

Map fing