Monday, 28 September 2015

Day of the Blood Moon

 Hargate Forest and the Blood Moon

This is the second pond we did find to jumpsy in - I telled Brae not to drink it but he said that he wasn't and that he was huffing at it to create steam like a dragon. I finked he was stupid so i telled him to get out....

This was me - it was lonely without Brae huffing in the water.

I asked mum to chase me - but she didn't hear me cos she has got hair over her earholes.

I shouted at a squiggle-fing to come down out of the tree but it didn't cos Brae would have eated it wiv his teef

Brae telled me a blow-off joke but it wasnt funny

Brae wunned away and came back again - but this time he cummed back as a wolf

We did do sum jousting.....erm.........without..........lances

There was a blood moon and dad said we could go and howl at it, so i sticked my tung out and dribbled

Brae grumbled a bit which sounded like a rubbish howl.

In the morning, the moon was still floatin about in the sky

There was also sumfing floating in a tree, so we looked really hard to see if we could spot it

  Dad said i had to sit down in front of the moon cos it was a special one.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Tour de France. September 2015

 Tylor, Brae, Batty, Jean, Julie and Jamie spend 7 days touring through Deux Sevres, Charente, Dordogne, Vienne and Limosin.

Me and Brae sticked our heads out of the window in Folkestone to tell the train driver to get a move on cos we were bored already (and cos Brae did a fart).

We did also stick our heads out of the window inside the Eurotunnel fingy.

This is the village where mum and dad live sometimes. I have sitted on this bridge befor.......erm......Brae hasn't, so I showed off my knowledge and telled him where to have a poo if he needed one. He did need one so he pood in the topiary.

 This is the Abbaye Royal in Celles sur Belle and we did pose for a magnificent piccy of me. Brae pertended he was a bat again (I dont know why he does that - blinking idiot)

We did sit wiv mum in Melle and stopped her falling into the fountains cos she does that sometimes.

I shouted at brae to get off the bridge....he just blowed a rasberry cos he is mad in the head.

This is the camper that Pappy Jean gived us to drive. It was my turn to steer first and Brae was the co-pilot

Then he jumped in mums bed.

Dad telled us that we had to sleep on the floor, so not to get no funny ideas about hoggin all the space...Yeah right.

 We did calmly watch the lilly pads grow in the river Dronne at Aubeterre

Until Brae got bored and buggered off.

Pappy Jean was feeling tired - So we laid down cos we didnt want him to get too exited

I dont know what Brae was trying to do here, wunnin around like a bonkers fing. I fink it made mum happy cos she is smiling.

It was very high in Aubeterre so we had to sit still sometimes.

I was checking out the magnificence of the ironwork on the bridge - Brae was finking about stuff

We sitted down at Brantome cos it was hot.

Mum and Dad hiked from Saint-Jean-De-Cole to Saint-Pardoux-la-Riviere.............Me and Brae pertended to be trains..woo...wooo

We did find a wartyfall in Mialet to add to dads collection - today, Brae pertended to be a gargoyle. I was swimming underwater pertendin to be a submarine.

This lake at Saint-Soud-lacoussiere was so still I could see my face in it.

Brae and me discussed stuff that neever of us understood.

Pappy Jean getted lunch ready for the groan-ups. Me an Brae looked at a pond.

OMG it was Braes turn to drive - I checked for perdestrians while Brae aimed for them.

We standed up at Nontrom while mum sitted down

We tried to do some skipping at Saint-Estephe but realised that dogs cant skip.

We finded a brilliant castle at st-Germains-de Confolons and we could see for miles in each direction.

 Dad stopped these rocks falling on our heads at Verteuil sur Charante.

then taked us to see the chateau.

We stopped at Ruffec so mum could get some sun tan on her boobies

 Dad teached Brae how to swim/drown

 Here is some maps of our tour