Wednesday, 15 March 2017

4th March, 26km Lewes and South Downs Hike

Days hike from Lewes taking in the South Downs Way

Brae was still sleepy when we arrived

This is a picture of a hill fing that we was climbing. If you look really hard you can see ........erm..............the....................ummm..................wind.

This is my handsome bruvver Brae. In his head there is a little ball bearing that goes round and round and round. When it stops, he has an idea - today it never stopped going around so he never finked about anyfing

A Braes-eye view of Newhaven looking from a hilltop in Lewes

This is my good side

This is Braes 'chubby side'

We was finking of doing a run down the hill - but it was a long way back up again - so we finked we would stay here instead and sniff out dads sarnies.

Sometimes we have to pull dad up the hills.

Brae is giving you a cheeky chappie smile - he was quite grubby at this stage and needs to make a visit to the dishwasher.

Me n Brae was too busy larfing cos Wilson looked like him has a bush growing out of his back.

The Master of the Walk crafted this delightful map so we didnt get lost (more than once)

Monday, 6 March 2017

Feb-March Walking break in the Shropshire Hills

Our stay in the wonderful  Shropshire hills at this dog friendly Hotel

This is a pub fing where dad did getted beer and food, and a bed and we did snooze on the floor.
It is called the Castle Hotel in Bishops Castle.

We did get well dirty and dad did have to throw Brae into a stream to get clean, Brae did get the wusk cos he does a frighten of water that may have angery pelicans hiding under the surface. I has no fear of angery pelicans so I did a swim in the water until the dirt did wash away.

This is the tricksy path that leads to the wartyfall at the end - Brae did a wun away in the wrong direction.

Once he had got is direction-a-scope working properly he did change into some sort of mountain goat.

We has discovered that Brae likes the snow wewy much.

I did shutted my eyes cos Brae was going to do a roly-ploly in the heathers and I didnt want to be embarrassed at his idiotness.

I was standing like a noble prince in the snow

Brae was getting ready to lay one of his special eggs - so he had to make a snow-nest

School chidlers had been this way throwing all their ham samwiches about so I did gobble them up like a little hoover

This post was sticking out of the ground with some words on it... erm..... just sayin

 Then I did a Bork

The countryside was as flat as and pandacake on this side of the Edge. Major somebody-or-anuvver did a leap off of here  .............  Twit

Me and Brae  discovered that long grass is good for hiding in - but it is only as good as the amount of time you can keep a Bork hidden inside you.

Brae is a dirty little *@&%er

A smoll amount of dirt did getted stuck to my fur too

So we went to Much Wenlock to show the luverly peoples our dirt

We is being a 2-headed monster

It was so peaceful on top of the hills

 Then I did a Bork

Brae is in the pub

We is in the pub

Brae is a sleep

And this is us being really happy and our weeks worth of climbing fings (ps.. Brae is not being attacked by a blue sneck)