Thursday, 30 July 2015

Happy Valley in the evening

Sometimes you don't see the beauty in the area that you live

View from the Rusthall Beacon Pub
My dad said he lived in this view when he was little and that he did play in the cornfields, center of this picture.

I discuvvered a big blobby rock fing that I did wun round and round until it was puffed out.

I sniffed this grass cos it smelled nice.

Sometimes I stop to pose like a majestic fing that surveys its land.

If I was a hobo I would live here.

Its a bit like fairy land wiv a hundred steps to climb

Here I sit where many uvver bums have been - contemplating stuff.

So.........I contemplated that my tung doesn't fit in my head.

Then I did see a pesky squirrel that needed to be chased.

The top of Happy Valley

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Drying Tylor

After barf and after a brush

I luvs a good blow after a barf. My dad says I can get as dirty as I likes.

He says the birdies luvs my hair for a nest too.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Storrington, Amberley, Arundel 30K Circular Walk 11th July.

After our Hiking Holiday in Wales, we did go for a 30K circular walk taking in Amberly and Arundel Park/Castle...........Why?

This is the castle at Arundel..I wasn't looking at it cos there was ducks in the river

The barley was as dry as my tung

Me and Frank boat watching

Tylor, Boats, Castle - what could be better?

I did show these cows my bum....pfft

This is a folly fing

These are my goolies

Here is Tolly, Ava, Frank, Wilson and me. I dont know who the peepels is, but one of them got throwed away wiv an electric fence

We had to rest our tungs for a little while

I laid down and watched a man wiv a hat walk down a hill

I gazed mysteriously int the distance on more than one occaision.

I even stopped to sniff a plant..there were no sossages hiding here and no elves or fairies - nuffink to eat wotsoever.

We stopped for a rest cos it was hot.

This was my favorite meadow

I did jump in a river and got wet......everydogbody jumped in the river and got wet




Me and Ava chatted for a while, but she wanted to talk about girly stuff so I buggered off

Franks head is missing!

Me and Wilson were seeing who could stick their tung out for the longest time

Tony did draw anuvver map

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Welsh Wales - Brecon Beacons

Me and My Mum and Dad went to a castle in Wales where I did get dirty every day

I is somewhere in this panorama fing - I did climb to a giddy height then dad telled me to stop playing silly buggers and stand that was gonna happen. FYI this place is called
Allt yr Esgair

 This is one of the many wartyfalls i got bored lookin at
 I was trying to drive my dads NISMO - instead I did leave hair on his seat

 There was a gold doubloon in the water.............or...a............pebble. Either way I is rich
 Anuvver wartyfall. I fink it was the 6th one I looked at
 This was a big mountain I did climb - you can see Cribyn where my ear is supposed to be
 "Steady lad" (thats what my dad says when im gonna do sumfing stoopid)
 Here I am doing sumfing stoopid - I did drink this whole river dry...erm...honest
 I had a little nappsy on mum and dads bed - must have been all the fresh air
 Here I is, layin down on a rock wiv my tung out

 Here I is, on top of Allt yr Esgair wiv my tung out

 Me and my dad stood next to this wartyfall - it was very loud - dad said I couldnt swim in it cos it is too heavy. I didnt understand what he meant so I had a wee.
 I dibbled my feet in this river cos I was hot
 There are my special bags - I did carry Ponchos, Water, First aid and an ant.

 I looked really hard into this water, but I coulnt see nuffing.

 I looked really hard at this rock, but I coulnt see nuffing.

 Me and my necklace

I stopped to fink for a little while

 I did try and lick some fresh air

 There was a little fairy hiding in the grass - so I did eat it

 I was allowed to sit at the table in the castle - I didnt beg for food cos they already gived me sossages for breakfast.
 This is the castle where we did live for a week, I tried the water in the fountain and it was rubbish

 This is anuvver hill I did get bored looking at
The couds did come down on 'Cribyn' and 'Pen Y Fan' - some silly eejits did get struck by ligtning yesterday takin a picture wiv a selfie-stick. Dad said It was too coudy to go up to the peek, mum said she was cold and "could we go yet"

 'Cribyn' is on the left and 'Pen Y Fan' is hiding in a cloud

 This a map of some wartyfalls

Here I is at the bottom of Henrhyd Waterfall

Whene we cummed  home I did go to sleep for a 'month of Sundays'