Monday, 18 January 2016

Snow up The Ridgewaye 17th Jan 2016.

It wasn't forecast - so we was well happy to see snow this morning 

Brae is my favorite clown bruvver

Braego Soft-Shadow was deliriously happy that it snowed 

Brae finked he saw a snowman eat a sarnie

I was looking as cool as a coocumber, while Brae was being a silly sossage.

Brae liked the snow so much he wanted to make a coat out of it - so he collected some on his tummy.

The snow wasn't deep, but it was nice to wun awound in

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Reservoir Dogs - 25K Bewl Water Hike on 16th January 2016

We did have a loverly hike on a crisp January day ..

This is me and Brae before we gettid too dirty. I is experimenting to see if my tung gets colder if I flop it out to the left or to the right.

This is me majestically getting a cold bum.

I fink Brae had spotted one of them bunny wabbits

I was admiring the particularly splendid bit of hedge pruning 

Brae spotted a tiny morsel of food

I was guarding dads bag cos it had figgy rolls in it .

BRRRRR Frosty toes

Me and Wilson is playin a game called 'Hide amongst the humans' - Wilson is rubbish at hiding, Frank has got the idea though.

I waited patiently for someone to fall over on this slippery bridge - but they didnt.

There was some eejit floating about in a yellow canoe fing

We is all contemplating whether to jump in the reservoir - Me, Frank and Wilson are up-for-it but Brae said he finked the water might be a bit cold cos he spied some ice floatin about in it.

I did spot some air trapped under this ice so I did liberate it with some warm wee.

We did give Brae one last chance to be a hero. But he didn't come in - he said he quite liked the dirt around his tummy and was off to collect some more.

We, on the uvver hand washed our dirt off. Wilson's teef did rattle cos he did go in too deep.

This is nearly as dirty as you can get.

Brae did sit on this seat and contemplated - because he is a bit of a dillon, he contemplated that he would like to fly like a duck.

The next person to sit on this seat will take home a little bit of Brae with them...

Me and Brae did have a competition to see who could get the dirtiest - Brae did win cos he was covered wiv big dollops of mud.

I had a little nap while the bath was runnin

This is me being cleaner than Brae moments before he was dragged upstairs for his bath.

This is where we did do lots of wunnin around