Tuesday, 29 August 2017

26 & 27th August, 13k Seven Sisters Hike and 13k Tonbridge Locks Hike

It was a wewy hot Bank Holiday weekend, so dad decided to take us out into the sun....pffft

We were part of the South Coast Challenge for the Seven Sisters bit

Sometimes, you need to look at life from a different perspective.

These are our side bags for carrying stuff - Brae did carry dads loocos-aid

I did carry an assortment of other items - including a spider and a dead ant.
Dad had to carry all our water for the hike, so his backpack was the biggest and the heaviest.

It was wewy hot so we had to stop several times for a drink of water - fortunately Brae was quite cool cos he found his own shadow to sit in....

We looked out and realised the extent of our Saturday hike - If I could speak hooman I would tell dad what an utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter,  utter, utter, utter, B'stard he is

Dad though it would be nice iffin we marvelled at the sight of this flippin old lighthouse - Brea was clearly unimpressed

Just this big hill to climb down and we can find the sea.

AAAAAAHHHHH............................  and relax.

Have a quick dry off in the sunshine

And dad promised to take us along the sea front for an Ice Scream.. Yummy

Here is a map of the walk (excluding the seafront bit)

Day 2- Sunday - Dad, Mum, Brae and I did anuvver 13k along the Medway

This is Brae in amongst the Bee Balm

This is me amongst the hay in the ....erm....hay field. I did spot dads pasty and was doooing a hovver.

This is a lock fingy where a boat has conveniently parked so Brae can investigate whether there is any samiches available

Ahhhh lubberly jubbely

We did play 'foller the leader' for a little bit, I did foller Brae the wrong way for ages - his direction-o-meter is completely wrong

Fortunately we did find a pub that served a Bloody Fine Harveys according to dad - so he had two of them.

We sat in the herb garden so we could be fanned cool by the bumbly bees..

This is Town Lock at Tonbridge

This is a map in case we want to do it again and dad loses his memory/marbles