Thursday, 31 December 2015

Alfriston Christmas Walk

We did have a little Christmas walk from Bopeep Lane to The Star Inn in Alfriston

 We was sensible enough to start at the top of the hill. Brae said he wanted to walk wiv mum - you can see him smiling in the middle.

I did check out the norty sheep fings that were hiding in the grass. One of them did make a baa noise, then all of a sudden they all did.

Although this is sposed to be winter, the hills is very green. I also finked that you would like to see my tung. 

Braego Soft-Shadow said he wanted to pose majestically in the rolling hills. He also wanted to do a little 'toot' from his bum, so I did stand up wind of him.

We had to be tied to a fence cos we was all to exited to sit still, Frank did lay down cos he wasn't exited at all. 

Brae fell over in the water bowl and went to sleep.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Dancing Bear

Rubbish quality vid - But my bruvver does a luverly dance for food - what a Tart.
I on the uvver hand, I have a completely different stance on treats

Available for Photoshoots

Nosey Parkers


We was nominated by my Samoyed friend Douglas to upload 5 nosey pictures in 5 days on facebook-fingy-bob and here are the nominees for nose of the week.

These is our special equipments for sniffin all kinds of important fings - uvver dogs bums, peoples crotches (specially lady ones), trees, lamp-posts and seeing if something can be eated.
We can detects some odours at concentrations of parts per trillion.
We can sniff out fear, anxiety and sadness in your adrenaline stuff and from the tell-tail body chemicals sent to your skin. When you touches fings, you leave a little bit of you which we can detect.
 Just so you know - If you put a 135-square-mile city under a 300-foot-high enclosure, evaporated a gram of butyric acid and let a dog in, the average dog would still be able to detect the odour.
We carries anywhere between 125 millions and 300 million odour-detecting cells in our sniffer, which vastly out-guns your measly likkle 5 milion. So remember that when you does a comical fart at us.
Now go and wash your hands'es - them stinks

Starting wiv a couple of really cute noses that you can kiss ifffin you wants

We was too busy larfing at dads 'blow-off' joke to take a sensible picture

These are our long noses for sniffing out them norty pelicans from their hidey holes

These are our sleepy hooters

Thursday Bonus hairy nose - Brae did get one of my hairs stucked to his nose

A couple of big wet konks that we is gonna stick in your ear when you is napping

Friday bonus Australian nose for those of you living on the other side of the world

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Braego Soft Shadows Lineage and Heredity

My dad is asked so many times 'what breed is Brae' so we finked we would add this for your information.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Broadwater Forest 22nd Nov 2015

Good old dirty fun

Broadwater Forest in the Autumn - Sadly no dogs allowed off-lead in the summer, so we don't go here then.

I did pull up this stupid root fing

Brae was hiding in the bracken (but not very well)

Brae demonstratin how to gnash a small stick

Then Brae needed a toof-pick.

We did spot that mum had sweeties in her pockets - Brae can sniff a sweety out from 500 yds.

I was posing for this picture while Brae was being a Blurr

Brae was pertendin to be a hovvercraft

We did find some wee that did need sniffing.

I did find a heather plant thing that also needed sniff

Dad said I should be careful of the ice cos it was thin. I tested it and it was thin and the water was smelly

I finked, therefor I was.

We did do some scuttling about and this bridge had some loverly clean water under it which we eventually turned into mud pies - I feel anuvver barth coming on.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Snow - Nov 21st 2015

Hurrah... It did snow at the weekend

We did wun around in the snow

Me n Brae sniffed the snow but it didnt pong of anyfing

Brae gotted some snow on his bat mask

Brae said it was a bit chilly and could he have a blanket - I telled him he was a snow dog and to shut-up being a softy. So he went and grizzled to mum.

Mr Pippin told us to F*@k-off - I finks he was a bit grumpy-trousers in the snow.

I luvs the snow....for now

I did get some dirty snow on my head

Saturday, 14 November 2015

24Km - Devils Dyke to Upper Beeding, Nov 2015

After the tail of Hurricane Abigale and when the whole of Britain faces 10 days of storms as ex-hurricane Kate hits with 8 inches of rain and floods this weekend. We finked it would be a good idea to hike 24 km along the South Downs from the Devils Dyke to River Adur circular

Dog day afternoon.....................NOT!

The Devils Dyke pub sits majestically on the hill to the right (thats wot dad says)

We is only a couple of kilometers in to the walk and Brae is as dirty as a dirty fing - so we tied him to this post so the rain could wash him off.

We waited for Ken to fall over - but he didn't

We waited for anyone to fall over - but they didn't

This was a big hill that Brae did wun down. He wunned so quick that we couldn't take a picture of him.

Wilson did complain to his dad that me and Brae wouldn't play the "who has the biggest spot on their tung game" Lasky never played it before so he didn't know that Wilson cheats.

I is halfway up an hill - Brae is halfway down.

Me and Brae telled Lasky off for getting dirty.

Then me and Lasky telled Brae off for getting dirty - Brae was too busy watching someone eat a sarnie. (Brae goes deaf when there is food around)

It rained so hard that we stopped in a bus shelter fing while dad did have a pie.

This is the que for the figgy biskits.

Nathaniel did bring a washing line wiv him instead of waterproof trousers.

I finked you would like to see my bum.

It did get very windy on this hill so we had to squint to see anyfing

It did also get very rainy so we had to squint again

This is Ken and Lasky - they is as wet as a ........erm........Otter

This is the squeaky sign post at the Devils Dyke Pub

This is the squeaky sign in action.

We stopped at the pub where all the peeples did drink doom bar. We did our best to make the floor grubby by laying on it.

We is looking dirty and forlorn.

I is as cool as a cucumber, but Brae has got the wusk cos he has got to have a barf. He said we should hide under this towel so dad couldn't find us - he's a bit bonkers sometimes.

We did have a barf and slept like babies and when we gettid up we was clean and fluffy

I did gaze into the wind to show of my fluffy coat - Brae sniffed some wee

I fink Brae cleaned up rather well too

This is a map wiv colours on it