Friday, 21 February 2014

Samoyed... this is me... I'm Tylor and this thing hanging out the front of my face is my tongue.

Firstly, and contrary to what my dad says, I'm not an idiot. You may find several posts in here that refer to me so, but I ask you to be aware that beacause I havent got opposing thumbs I cannot write, type or use a mouse so my dad is doing it on my behalf. Bearing that in mind, the views that make it onto the blog may well get exaggerated or may just be lies about my impeccable conduct.

I'm not always this dirty, but since I'm a rescue dog I think its my duty to be ...well....just a little bit out there and enjoy the world from the other side of the bars.

I will report on all manner of things that I see fit, from the simple observations of a new woodland stick to the many wonders of......erm......things. Its my intention to use words that may sound 'made-up ' to the human ear, but in dog language make every sense. eg. flippinell: surprise or wonder, as in 'flippinell you startled me'.

This is my current mode of transport, apparently its new so I am not allowed to take a dump or leak in it yet, so what I normally do is collect up this detritus via my undercarrage and leave a little deposit here and there to get my dad used to the idea of a bit of dirt to clean out, and hopefully should work up to a massive evacuation as needs dictate.

I hear you ask "Why has it taken me to get started on this blog"
Well, its been a bit hectick since moving in November. There was my second birthday, Christmas, New years, dads birthday, and lets face it a lot canine changes to be made and negotiated with my other house guests...Mr Pippin and Black Minion (together they intend on taking over the world - but Black minion is all a bit really)

This is them plotting something or other - I'm not allowed in thier secret circle.....yet.

I have my good buddy 'Turpentine'.. he doesnt do a lot, but between us we travel the night.

'A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.'

I am a kid cuddler, intrepid mountaineer, rubbish swimmer but sea lover, mud sponge, essence of tumble dryer, babe magnet, friendly camper, nosey neighbour, joker, towel eater, frog hunter, playboy traveler, valiant explorer, conscientious pooper and all round good egg

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