Monday, 1 December 2014

Newhaven under the cliffs

Today I did went to the sea and here is some photygraphs of me larking about

Giant puddles everywhere

I like splashing

I was havin to check the depths of some of the watery bits cos they was deeper than a hole

This limpet thing was heading for a crash wiv a winkle - I didn't hang about cos I got bored waitin.

Newhaven Lighthouse is not very light

Yellow cliffs with a secret cave that i did sneak a looksy in

'Barnacle Bills' hurts my feeties

I did like this pool so i did jump in it

Crabs everywhere but them buggers is all under water

I did teach this ball a lesson for turnin up on our shores

top view of my head

Shame I cant drink this cos it makes me poo and sick

Yoiks.. I did bonk into dad

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