Monday, 16 March 2015

27K North Kent Coast Hike

This is Wilson, Frank and their dad Tony - they is my walking buddies. There was also a girly dog wiv her boobs out

Wilson, Frank and Me up the Swale.
Wilson did try to drown himself in a weir (what an  eejit) so his dad had to lollop in the freezy water to rescue him.
There was also some dead boats in the river.

View inland from the Swale

Some live boats..........................and a dead one

Me posing on the grass

It was very flat so I did run up and down the dykey fing to make it more interesting.

Me looking North with the bush that dad did a wee in

There was lots of water

This is a walky profile thing that is quite boring

This is the route and we did jump on a train from Faversham back to Sittingbourne
after having a pint in a pub called the heferlump or ellyfant or something like that, where we did drink some lovely water by a fire and all the grown-ups had lovely beer.

This section was very windy-cold

Me and Ruby helping people to point at stuff.

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