Monday, 28 September 2015

Day of the Blood Moon

 Hargate Forest and the Blood Moon

This is the second pond we did find to jumpsy in - I telled Brae not to drink it but he said that he wasn't and that he was huffing at it to create steam like a dragon. I finked he was stupid so i telled him to get out....

This was me - it was lonely without Brae huffing in the water.

I asked mum to chase me - but she didn't hear me cos she has got hair over her earholes.

I shouted at a squiggle-fing to come down out of the tree but it didn't cos Brae would have eated it wiv his teef

Brae telled me a blow-off joke but it wasnt funny

Brae wunned away and came back again - but this time he cummed back as a wolf

We did do sum jousting.....erm.........without..........lances

There was a blood moon and dad said we could go and howl at it, so i sticked my tung out and dribbled

Brae grumbled a bit which sounded like a rubbish howl.

In the morning, the moon was still floatin about in the sky

There was also sumfing floating in a tree, so we looked really hard to see if we could spot it

  Dad said i had to sit down in front of the moon cos it was a special one.

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