Monday, 19 October 2015

Holywell to Cow Gap

We did go and play at the bottom of the Beachy Head place at the sea

Me and Brae both agree.. this hill makes a rubbish slide

Brae finked we should get something slippery on our feet like a fish ............
 I dunno where his head is at sometimes

Dad said that these must be the most idyllic football pitches in the country - just make sure you is not the stupid berk that kicks the ball over the edge. 

There was 'Old Mans Beard' everywhere - so Me n Brae went looking for the old man who's beard it was.

I looked really, really hard, but I couldn't see nuffink that was interesting.

The sun shined on my luverly Mum.

I told Brae to pull mum over - just for a larf.

Brae did climb up this cliff and I wunned up to rescue him.

It was too hot so mum did take her coat off - I woz too hot so I wunned in the sea

Brae did sneek up to see if he could swipe the sarnies - but dad said NO!!

The sea woz nice on our feetsies

I did frighten Brae by tellin him there wuz an angry crab fing in the water - so he woz very carefull where he did put his feet. I did larf cos there wasnt a crab fing at all. Dad said I was childish -wotevver that means 

Brae said he finked he saw 'Spongebob'

Brae stood on this rock

We did scuttle around while mum sitted in the sun

I told Brae to keep a look out for Moby Dick while I did go and pinch dads lunch

I liked this sea-side

There wasn't very many interestin fings to sniff - so I sniffed a pebble that I finked cummed from outer space.

AAARRRGGGGHHH its an alien...........arf...arf

Brae stood back on the rock again......dammmit, I wanted to stand on the rock.

Dad has got very shiney teef

The tide cummed in, so we had to go home

  Holywell to Cow Gap

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