Friday, 27 November 2015

Broadwater Forest 22nd Nov 2015

Good old dirty fun

Broadwater Forest in the Autumn - Sadly no dogs allowed off-lead in the summer, so we don't go here then.

I did pull up this stupid root fing

Brae was hiding in the bracken (but not very well)

Brae demonstratin how to gnash a small stick

Then Brae needed a toof-pick.

We did spot that mum had sweeties in her pockets - Brae can sniff a sweety out from 500 yds.

I was posing for this picture while Brae was being a Blurr

Brae was pertendin to be a hovvercraft

We did find some wee that did need sniffing.

I did find a heather plant thing that also needed sniff

Dad said I should be careful of the ice cos it was thin. I tested it and it was thin and the water was smelly

I finked, therefor I was.

We did do some scuttling about and this bridge had some loverly clean water under it which we eventually turned into mud pies - I feel anuvver barth coming on.

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