Monday, 18 January 2016

Snow up The Ridgewaye 17th Jan 2016.

It wasn't forecast - so we was well happy to see snow this morning 

Brae is my favorite clown bruvver

Braego Soft-Shadow was deliriously happy that it snowed 

Brae finked he saw a snowman eat a sarnie

I was looking as cool as a coocumber, while Brae was being a silly sossage.

Brae liked the snow so much he wanted to make a coat out of it - so he collected some on his tummy.

The snow wasn't deep, but it was nice to wun awound in

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  1. Hi Guys, it's Luuuumi :D
    I like the snow and when you run in the snow and it's deep do you get like balls on your furry feets? When, when, oooh, I go out in the snow, with my mum or my dad or sometimes when I go out with BOTH of them, well, I get attached to my feets and my tummy, little and big snow and ice balls. I don't really like that :(. So, when we get home, my mum rubs my legs and they fall off. No, not my legs! Silly!!!! The snow balls. Once, my mum took me into the room where Simba and Leila do poo and she blew this warm thing on my legs and that made a funny noise. Well, then the balls disappeared, but the floor was really wet and a bit dirty after that. It was great!
    Enjoy the snow! Byeeeee :D