Sunday, 22 May 2016

19K Lewes to Mount Caburn to Rodmell - 21st May 2016

 Every 6 weeks we do a big walk/wunnin about somewhere in the South East of England

This sign was a long way up the hill - we finked, you have got to be pretty stupid to climb over the fence here - Brae said.. "Can I climb over the fence dad"........erm..........Pretty stupid

Brae collected up a special piece of sheep poop on his neck so he could savour the pong all the way round - dad cleaned it off before we gettid to the pub.

 Dad is displaying his shiney teef blowing in the wind

Mount Caburn gets the Harper treatment 

 We was wunning about in the butty-cups like a couple of girlies.

We did sit outside the Monks House and gettid bored - as you can see, Braes brain has shut down.

 Me and Frank wuz tellin everybody to come on an pull finger out.

 Looks like some kid drawed this picture, but it is really a photograph....honest

 Brae was wunnin about shouting "Ze Germans are Coming" - he does that sometimes............ ................I dunno why..........he just does.                   Berk.

We found a troff fing.

Here is the map iffin you wanna walk it

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