Monday, 11 July 2016

Lost in France

June 2016 - We did go on olliday to France

We didnt leggit quick enough so dad did catch us and plop us in the Barf.

Brae quite liked this bridge down the Abby cos you could look over the edge at the fishes

As you can see... the sun was very bright and nearly tuned me into an ghost

I did tell Brae that this alter is for slortering fings - so he wunned away

Brae stopped for a quick lay down, I stopped for a quick stand-up

We did sit by the bobbely trees.

We did go to our favorit river at Ruffec, where you can wun around like a silly bugger and pinch dads sandwiches

Brae did give us his biggest smile. (actually i fink he was smiling at the girlies on the river bank)

This is me looking really majestic

Brae still had his eye on the girlies 

I was feeling as white as Persil 

This wier made me want to go to wee

We is being like likkle pea pods next to a pea field

We did go to the Barrage de la Touche Poupard where we spent most of the day collecting ticks.

We did walk 18 - 20km with a few dips into the refreshing water - Brae said he was going to try to drink a million gallons of water (I don't fink he knows what the words 'gallon' and 'million' actually mean)

We did wun gaily through the wild flowers

We did jump into the river

I was like......aaaarrrrgg - I is a sponge

I told Brae that he needs to learn how to fly so he can grow up like a proper birdy. So we used this special learning-to-fly platform...erm....turns out that Brae cant fly. eejit

I just stepped off so I wouldn't look as stupid as Brae

We is back at the Abby

Like a couple of sphinx's or sphinkters - cant tell which.

Brae was holding in a likkle burp, I was holding out my tung

As you can see, we quite regularly help in the kitchen

Dads boat at La Rochelle

My beautiful mum wiv her hair blowing in the wind like some sort of actress.

I licked this goats ear, then I did bite it. I dont fink I like the taste of goat.

We had to go and sit in our kennel

Phew... It was a hot day to we sticked our tungs out until someone squirted water on them.

We had a day at La Lambon so we could get wet again

There was likkle froggies plopping into the water - kept us amused for hours.

Our last visit to the vet for our wormy fings so we can come back to Hengland

Brae was pertendin to be a giant sossage cooking in the sun.

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