Wednesday, 15 March 2017

4th March, 26km Lewes and South Downs Hike

Days hike from Lewes taking in the South Downs Way

Brae was still sleepy when we arrived

This is a picture of a hill fing that we was climbing. If you look really hard you can see ........erm..............the....................ummm..................wind.

This is my handsome bruvver Brae. In his head there is a little ball bearing that goes round and round and round. When it stops, he has an idea - today it never stopped going around so he never finked about anyfing

A Braes-eye view of Newhaven looking from a hilltop in Lewes

This is my good side

This is Braes 'chubby side'

We was finking of doing a run down the hill - but it was a long way back up again - so we finked we would stay here instead and sniff out dads sarnies.

Sometimes we have to pull dad up the hills.

Brae is giving you a cheeky chappie smile - he was quite grubby at this stage and needs to make a visit to the dishwasher.

Me n Brae was too busy larfing cos Wilson looked like him has a bush growing out of his back.

The Master of the Walk crafted this delightful map so we didnt get lost (more than once)

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