Thursday, 13 April 2017

2nd April 2017 - Sammy meet-up in Hatfield Forest

Me and Brae met up with some uvver Sammy's in Hatfield Forest

As you can see we was havin a larf ROFL-ing all over the place (Brae did a funny joke about blowing off)....titter...titter

We is finking there were 26 doggies all borking at the same time

It looks like a load of sheepsees being taken for a walk, apart from the idiot going in the wrong direction.

Tylor, Brae, Zeena, Dexter, Skye, Bonnie, Clyde, Hiro, Cooper, Oscar, Mishca, Blizzard, Alaska, Loki, Maya, Felix, Nala, Hatchi, Simba, Sam, Bear, Kayto, Niko... cant remember the rest

It looks calm doesn't it?

Me, Brae and Dad are in this picture somewhere. The giant fluffer in the front should have been called 'Bear' cos he looked like he had eated too much honey.

Aww, it was all a bit fluff-tastic.

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  1. So much fluffiness! Looks like a good time:)