Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May 1st, Groombridge and Harrisons Rocks Circular

Harrisons Rocks

Look at them loverly Blue-bellies - Brae is hanging around cos he likes the pungent waft of pleasant country air from the woods ......

This is mum - she did have her hair done and has taken it out in the first May shower for a walk.

Wun free, Brae my little fat friend

Oh No. I has been mezmerized by the fragrance of the Blue-bellies... Brae has tuned into a blurrr.

We is gonna conker them rocks big time

Awww him looks so cute

Brae is finking.....nuff said.

Brae is doing dad a frighten by scaling this perilous precipice. I is helping to calm dads nerves by checking the wind direction wiv my tung. 

Ready for my 'Leap of Faith'

Brae finks he should be called the 'Master of Disaster' simply cos he did climb this rock - hold on pupper - you has got to gobble-up at least one floor to get this title.

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