Friday, 10 October 2014

Sheep Proofing

I am now officially sheep proofed.
Whats that? I hear you say.
Well after my Peak District walks I was told that I was...erm....rubbish with sheep .pfft. so the weekend after, I found my self comfortably sitting in the car expecting an nice walk in the countryside.

Then wonder upon wonders I did spy some sheepsy's at a farmyard where we stopped - some where having their hair cut off by a man with a buzzing thingy - (I didnt like the idea of that) some were wandering about aimlessly in a field n stuff... I did luv them all and wanted to play.

Well after an half hour of special treatment I didn't want to chase/play with them any more. My dad said it was 30 quids well spent (whatever that is supposed to mean) and we can apparently go to a place called Ashdown Forest now where they also have sheepsy's that I also wont be chasing.

If you want to be like me - try..

Phone: 07771 710134
Address: Tobin Bird
Woodside Farm
Iden Green
TN17 4EZ

Message from dad: Does anyone know any local deer herders?


  1. What is all involved in the sheep-proofing? I had a friend in Seattle who had his Samoyed's participate in sheep herding and it involved a stern lady with a whistle and a really big stick

    1. Probably the same thing. involved a sheherd with plastic bottles filled with gravel and a lot of faith in Tylor. He was put in a small holding pen with five sheep then a barrage of plastic bottles was rained down on him the moment he went to approach them (all very painless but i guess, scary).
      After a couple of rounds of this the shepherd deemed Tylor cured and we were put into a field with 2 sheepdogs and 25 sheep where the dogs then drove the sheep at Tylor. What th.. no response from Tylor at all. As a final test Tylor was let loose in a field with a flock of say 250 sheep with the aformentioned dogs driving the gnashing sheep at him - a brilliant cure, I can now trust him implicitly and have put him to the test on several occaisions. All i need now is a trusting deer herder

  2. Thanks for the explanation...Sounds like it was well worth the time and money