Monday, 16 February 2015

Beachy Head 16th Feb, Low tide

I like this moving puddle cos it did have a bubble in it.

The sun did burn my eyes so I didn't look in this direction any more.

Dad telled me off for pertendin to be a boat. 

The sea is like a big puddle that is my favorite thing.

I did stand on the top and look down

I tried drinking this but it tasted like..........erm.........erm........i dunno

I did get my girly bandanna wet

Hey ... LOOK EVERYONE its a .......another rock pool

I did fall over and dad larfed cos I was an idiot.

I was just testing how deep I would have to walk before I would have to swim....I hates swimming

Dadaah.. Tongue and Bandanna.

Mum maked me this Bandanna from stuff wiv flowers on it.
Now I feels like a prune.

I did have to walk around this pool cos it was too deep and there was a nasty, bitey Pelican hiding under the water.

Then I did get marooned

Mum and dad did have some beer in The Pilot and we did walk to Beachy Head. Mum wee'd behind a bush again

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