Monday, 2 February 2015

South Downs Way - 30K

Saturday 31st of January 2015 - 30 Kilometer Hike.
Hike anticlockwise from Washington/Southdowns way Car Park 

Snow, windy, and cold unless you has fur like me.

I did go for a long walk with my buddy Wilson and his bruvver Frank.

I discovered snow and hard water which dad telled me not to keep drinking
but I had to - cos I had eated some horse poo.

These is my bags for carrying water and food. 

There was a brown sheepsy in here which I had my eye on.

I could see the sea from up here.
I was a long way up near the Chanctonbury ring - Dad said his legs were worn out and that I looked like a muddy puddle.

This is me before I had a barth.

I did fall asleep for a little while. 

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