Thursday, 30 July 2015

Happy Valley in the evening

Sometimes you don't see the beauty in the area that you live

View from the Rusthall Beacon Pub
My dad said he lived in this view when he was little and that he did play in the cornfields, center of this picture.

I discuvvered a big blobby rock fing that I did wun round and round until it was puffed out.

I sniffed this grass cos it smelled nice.

Sometimes I stop to pose like a majestic fing that surveys its land.

If I was a hobo I would live here.

Its a bit like fairy land wiv a hundred steps to climb

Here I sit where many uvver bums have been - contemplating stuff.

So.........I contemplated that my tung doesn't fit in my head.

Then I did see a pesky squirrel that needed to be chased.

The top of Happy Valley

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