Friday, 7 August 2015

Brae (Brego Soft-Shadow)

Introduction to Brae
First fing I did was to teach him to sleep

This is my bruvver Brae (Brego Soft-Shadow) he is like me but not like me. He has always got a dirty face and is lookin for food. I telled him to take off the mask but he said he was pertendin to be a bat.

We is sitting down enjoying the soft grass on our bums. I is lookin at Brae, he is lookin at ...........erm.............nuffing.

We decided to scratch, (well I did anyway) Brae didn't cos he didn't itch.

This is our floor that we are not allowed to chew. Like me, he was rescued from Ireland to England and England to forever home. We eat floors in Ireland cos its the only way to get to them pesky Leprechauns.


  1. Congratulations on the second pup! How is he settling in?

  2. He is settling well. I have been teaching him how to sleep, he already knew how to steal dad's sandwiches. He did eat some wet - wipes on the way home from rescue so he doesn't have to wipe his but after a poo. I did tell him that it is only good for one go though. Dad has been teaching him recall and he is doing well (not as good as me though). Hope the big man is doing well and you can drag him through Yellow knife soon (up the big hills) arf, arf.