Thursday, 31 December 2015

Alfriston Christmas Walk

We did have a little Christmas walk from Bopeep Lane to The Star Inn in Alfriston

 We was sensible enough to start at the top of the hill. Brae said he wanted to walk wiv mum - you can see him smiling in the middle.

I did check out the norty sheep fings that were hiding in the grass. One of them did make a baa noise, then all of a sudden they all did.

Although this is sposed to be winter, the hills is very green. I also finked that you would like to see my tung. 

Braego Soft-Shadow said he wanted to pose majestically in the rolling hills. He also wanted to do a little 'toot' from his bum, so I did stand up wind of him.

We had to be tied to a fence cos we was all to exited to sit still, Frank did lay down cos he wasn't exited at all. 

Brae fell over in the water bowl and went to sleep.

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