Friday, 11 December 2015

Nosey Parkers


We was nominated by my Samoyed friend Douglas to upload 5 nosey pictures in 5 days on facebook-fingy-bob and here are the nominees for nose of the week.

These is our special equipments for sniffin all kinds of important fings - uvver dogs bums, peoples crotches (specially lady ones), trees, lamp-posts and seeing if something can be eated.
We can detects some odours at concentrations of parts per trillion.
We can sniff out fear, anxiety and sadness in your adrenaline stuff and from the tell-tail body chemicals sent to your skin. When you touches fings, you leave a little bit of you which we can detect.
 Just so you know - If you put a 135-square-mile city under a 300-foot-high enclosure, evaporated a gram of butyric acid and let a dog in, the average dog would still be able to detect the odour.
We carries anywhere between 125 millions and 300 million odour-detecting cells in our sniffer, which vastly out-guns your measly likkle 5 milion. So remember that when you does a comical fart at us.
Now go and wash your hands'es - them stinks

Starting wiv a couple of really cute noses that you can kiss ifffin you wants

We was too busy larfing at dads 'blow-off' joke to take a sensible picture

These are our long noses for sniffing out them norty pelicans from their hidey holes

These are our sleepy hooters

Thursday Bonus hairy nose - Brae did get one of my hairs stucked to his nose

A couple of big wet konks that we is gonna stick in your ear when you is napping

Friday bonus Australian nose for those of you living on the other side of the world

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