Monday, 22 February 2016

Hadlow Circular 21st Feb 2016

Dull and overcast  Sunday so we did go for a walk.

Mr Pippin and Merry are devising a plan to take over the world

We is helping Mum with Sunday dinner - we is providing the assault course to keep her fit 

There was a giant Troll under this small bridge............erm.........not lying

Braego Soft Shadow is trying to get his Flying Badge

We did  pose in the woods, I was teeching Brae how to search for truffles, but we did forget our spades

I was still clean at his stage

Mum with her silly hat on 

This is a picture of some Polytunnel fings that dad finked was interesting - I fink it is a pile of rubbish.

Brae did gettid a dirty under-belly

erm..I did gettid a dirty under-belly

Brae could see a Rookery that would need some further investigation.

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