Sunday, 28 February 2016

Alfriston to Newhaven Circular 27th Feb - 28.5 km

 Today we did go for a hike on the South Downs, Starting the the Old Church in Alfriston then circular to Newhaven and back

 I was finking that I would drive today - but dad said no.

Longest tunggggg......................ever

Brae did scoff dads Peppered Stake Slice - silly dad turned away for one second and Brae was in like a ninja.

 I was very happy to be standing in this meadow - Brae was sniffing a poo.

 I did find a smelly pond to splosh in.

Me and Brae sitting on the banks of the river Ouse - as you can see we is both thoroughly exited 

We was on the way back from Newhaven. I did find a wind measuring device that dad did let me wear. Brae was clearly jealous.

 Brae did get the hump cos I could tell if it was windy with my feather fing and he couldnt.

 Frank, Wilson and Brae we being sensible and sitting down, I on the uvver hand was being a right banana.

 We is sitting by the toppest triangulator fing

 Brae stopped to admire the view

I stopped to admire the view

 I is sitting on top of the world

We is being like a cupple of clouds, floatin about on the side of an big hill

Here is the map to the areas that we did walk.

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  1. Hi Guys, I'm Lumi, I likes hiking as well in MOUNTins. I like to eat poo! In the MOUNTins we have special poo did by roe deers and wild BOARS and sometimes foxes and sometimes badgers and we saw wolf poo but I didn't eat that. NOOOOO YUK!! I love Simba and Leila poo but mum keeps the gate shut so I can't get to it. Sometimes though, Simba he will do a special poo just for me. He hates me though :(
    Byeeee Luuumiii x