Monday, 26 September 2016

19th September - 23rd September, Black Mountain and Pen-y-Fan Horse Shoe

We had to re-visit Welsh Wales cos we hadn't climbed the highest peaks last time 

We is at our really, really, really dog friendly hotel called Craig-y-nos Castle where we did have sossages for breakfast every day. We did jump on mum and dads bed often as we could, specially after we had been down to the river in the park.

Me and Brae did have a little lay down on top of The Black Mountain cos it was a bloody long hike up

View from Triangulation point

Dad didn't let us get too close to the edge cos it was a long vertical drop to certain death.

Brae was just checking to make sure we was going down-hill

This is as close as dad would let us get - too many sheepsy's over the edge

Looking west at Sir Gaer
This reservoir looks like a tiny puddle

My earses look like a super-cool hat

Me and Brae sitting on the side of Corn Du, Brae has always got his eyes focused on a sheep, although we is 804m up he can see them miles away.

Brae is as deaf as a post but can see a sheep nearly 20 light-years away.

Brae was showing his god his tummy as he couldn't get any closer.

Yaaay we is on top of the world.

We is having a breather on the top of Cribyn.. You can see Big Fanny (fnurr fnurr) behind us

I are laying on the edge of Pen-y-fan

We did visit some caves where Brae was bein a bit of a cry baby - he was alright after a while when I telled him that there were no nasty dwarfs hiding down here

We is making sure that mum didn't get lost

This stupid llamafing said we couldn't come in - so we took his picture to shame him.

We went to Rhossili beach on the Gower Peninsula where we could wun and wun until our hearts content

We wunned into the sea

and along the sand (I was so fast that I escaped out of this picture)

And we stopped at Sams Surf Shack for sarnies and a drink

I was absolutely delighted so I did stack my 'happy face' on

Brae said he was so exited that he would watch the tide come in.

Here are the hikes

Black Mountain from Llanddeusant (Anti-Clockwise)

Pen y fan from Taf Fechan Forest (Anti-Clockwise)


  1. Great pictures mates, looks like quite the hike:)


    1. Sorry Nuk - meant to get back to you earlier than this. Was great fun and we had the weather with us. Usually rains when we cross the Severn Bridge, this time.....the sun came out.