Monday, 5 September 2016

Sammy Meet-up at Thorndon Country Park, Essex. 3 Sept 2016

We did go for a walk in a Country Park where there was some uvver Sammy's learning to Bork.. 

Nine fluffy Sammy's sitting quietly around this metal hoop fing while the hoomans did pop off to get a cup-o-tea.
We is wiv
And Me (Tylor)

Eventually, Davey did stop borking so we could hear ourselves fink

I finked that these three Sammy's were looking at my bum. I didnt say nuffing though cos one was a cute girly..

This one liked to boink my face, Brae is calling for help in case we get stuck.

You can tell which one is Brae - he's the one nicking all the water.

Thankfully there was a pond where I could jump in - this is me looking like a spring chickin fing wiv scrawny legs.

Here it is...

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