Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sunday 5th Feb, 15k circular hike from Cow Gap to Eastbourne pier

The rain stopped so we drove to Beachy Head for a circular walk starting at the Kiosk where the South Downs Start.

This sign was trying to do us a frighten by tellin us to stay away from the cliff edge..... pfft, we bork in the face of perilous precipices and decided to have a wee on it.

AAAARRRRGGGG a one eyed monster. arf...... not really, it is my bum with the wind blowing it a gooden.

Brae was having a peek over the edge. I wasn't cos it gives me vertigo or sumfink

These limpets was playing a game of hidey-seek. I did find them and telled them they were rubbish at this game  and they should find somewhere else. I did wait a long time for them to move

We is in the sea again, Brae is getting braver and braver, soon he will be the master of the sea like I is.

We is looking like identrical twins - cept Brae is wearing his bat mask so you don't get confused.

Brae did say a funny joke about having a little toot in the sea. I finked it was funny so I larfed until my teef rattled.

We was climbing the cliffs.

Brae said he wanted to be a seagull and fly to the pier.

We is in Helens Lady Garden.... arf....arf

Iffin you has bi-cronic eyeses you can see Brae flying around Beachy Head.

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  1. Oh we would love to play in the sea! All we have is a stinky river- not very much fun. Take care.