Monday, 23 January 2017

Sunday 22nd January Walk cross country to Groombridge from Tunbridge Wells

Mum and Dad wanted some pub grub, so we had to walk cross country to the Junction Inn, in Groombridge.

I is dooing a cheeky little pose for you.

Brae did a cheeky photo-bomb

Once upon a time there were sheepsies in this field - we could sniff them.

It was a lovely blue, sunny day and them birdies was singing (except for them Woodpeckers, theys is a wubbish song)

Aha... Brae has stumbled upon a posh house were Lord sumfink-or-anuvver lives

We has got our mind set on beef belly and rice for dinner.... cant stop...byee.

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  1. Nice pictures mates, quite green there:) Play bows,