Monday, 5 June 2017

3rd June 2017, Chanctonbury ring - 26 Km in the loverly sunshine.

First of our summer walks on the South Downs. Starting at Washington anti clockwise through Wepham, Findon, Steyning and onto the Chanctonbury Ring

We did a giant run at this gate and smashed it down to get to the water

This is the first of many troffs that required me to stand in them and drink thems wholesome goodness

Don't get the idea that I was enjoying gawping at these flowers ... Dad made me sit there though.

I is a 'Pointer'

We was looking forward to lunch time cos that's the time that Brae cruses the samich boxes for figgy biskits ............We luffs figgy biskits.

We took a moment to remember stuff at the entrance to this grave-yard  - we remembered that we was still hungry and that there was bones in this place that might need a bit of diggin up, but then Brae did a frighten on himself by imagining ghostees and ghouls.....

Demonstrating our ability to float in this heckin great orse troff.

This is us looking as majestic as we know how....

....then we gettid bored.....

.....and decided to look like some sheepsys rollin about and eating sneks in the grass.

Brae finked he was getting a bit tired cos he couldn't quite manage a zoomy here. I sticked my tung out at his see if he finked it looked like a sossage

Brae was all upset cos I ate the sossage

We did park in a car park where the arrer is pointing and walked like a clock going backwards 

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