Thursday, 13 July 2017

France 2017

Bonnes Vacances

en France July 2017

This is a picture of me and Brae's playground when we is in the land of fromage

I is doin a little blepper here and Brae is doin his best not to look at me in case he bursts into laughter

We is being wewy Henglish and forming an orderly, sit down, queue - Brae looks like a tiny pupper in this piccy

Now we is a 8 legged, 2 headed
Not really, we is bein particular nosey in case somebody walks out of the buchers wiv a sossage

We climbed some rocks so we could look magnificent together, but Brae wanted to be more magnificenter so he climbed higher..... dammit

We is playing hidey-seek - I is so clever that I is hiding in plane sight doing a bamboozle on Brae.

Bottoms up

I did spy two spikey Rocket fingies

We did a swim with our boy-ant-see aids

This is us modelling our floaters

We was bein heros and doin a swim naked - I was more heroic than Brae cos he was bein a pansy without his floater.

We was havin a long lunch like the French workmen that were doing a snooze nearby

This is the ally that we live down, Brae was pertendin to be an Hollyhock

Dad did bring home a souvenir or two

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