Saturday, 8 August 2015

Seaford August 2015

We did pop to the seaside on the turn of the tide

This is a cave that me, Brae and mum had a wee in

This is planet earf

We did play 'follow the leader'

Brae tried pulling a funny face - I telled him he was an idiot and that he should grow up before the wind changed direction

We had to stop wunning about eventually - just so we could lay down

Dad telled a joke which I thought was funny - Brae looked at his feet, which are also funny.

Mum did talk to Brae..I dont know why she bovverd cos I fink he is a bit 'Johnny Foreigner' and don't understand anyfing but his name.

I hadn't stuck my tung out for at least 10 minutes...So I sticked it out at Brae

Brae had never been to the sea so I showed him how to wun in-and-out and how to stalk scary undersea monsters 

This is me pertending to give birth to Brae 

Oh oh! there is somefing on the beach uvver than us

First I digged a hole to New Zealand....

Then I digged a hole to Australia....

Then I rolled in it

I admired this puddle wiv the sun stuck in it - I fink it has been grabbed by an ocytypuss

I invented a game called 'Wheres Wally' for you - But I is calling it 'wheres that idiot bruvver'

This is Brae bein knackered

This is me bein knackered

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