Monday, 7 March 2016

Seaside - 2nd March 2016

We did take a walk on the South Coast
From East of Beachy-Head along to the Pier and back.

This is me in one of my favrit positions - avin a dump. Good job dad brings the bags along.

Happy, smiley, post-dump face

I was looking out to sea whilst finkin about somefink.

The sea was very beautiful today

Brae wasn't entirely sure about dippin his feetsies in the water. I, on the uvver hand luvs dippin my feetsies in the water.

I was wunderin what happened to my ear on this windy, windy day.

We is havin a sit-down on this bench - Brae finks he might get off cos he spotted a chip that a Seagull did drop that needed some noshing.

Sea water has a flavour that is wurst than a duck pond

Brae is catching a breeze and havin a standy-uppy nap

Brae is wunnin away from the Falling Cliff sign

This is a Groin ............pft Pft

Me and Brae is wunnin in and out of the wooden skelington fing.

Mum has got her daft hat on 

Where is everybody. Brae is trying to catch the Rainbow

I luvs the sea - some times it chases us....

......uvver times it wuns away.....

...but it always makes me happy.

We did start our walk under the cliffs, somewhere in the distance.


  1. Hello you twos. I'm Lumi and I like the sea but it is salty and I can't drink it and and and I don't see the sea much because we lives in the MOUNTins in Italy which is good because, you know what, you know what, look look!!! It's snowy in the winter and you know what? You know what? Look!! It's not too hot in the summer. In Modena where we lived before here, it was hot hot all the time with lots of mosquitoes on my EARS!!! Only problem here is not too many doggies :(. I live with Simba who is white like me and he hates me. I live with Leila who is black and she loves me, we dance and sing together, we have a girl band and Simba thinks we're daft but no no no, look! Mum loves us all and when daddy comes at the weekend I love it. I love him and sometimes my mum says I'm too familiar with him... if you know what I mean ;-) Ha ha ha ha Look!!
    Bye guys xxxxxx LUmiiiii