Monday, 4 April 2016

25th March 2016 - Brenchley circular walk

Mum did get a packet of walk cards for Christmas so we is working our way through the Kent section. They is a little bit sissy for us Adventurers, but dad says its ok cos there is a pub fingy at the end of it.

Mum is not very convincingly pulling off her disguise as a 'James Grieve' Apple tree

I dunno what we were doing here but there is a gate which is always a good start

This is the Brenchly Golf Course. We has been confined to a narrow fenced strip in case we goes and digs holes everywhere. Brae finks he has spotted a hole that needs digging up.

Brae is 'off on one', I looked back to make sure we is not gonna get a tellin orf.

This was a loverly view

This sign appears to be lost in the middle of the field, so while it wasn't looking - I had a wee up it

Brae stopped for a rest cos he is a fat piggy - despite what it says, it was him that eated the yorky puddings


I couldn't see our house from here (cos its completely the wrong direction)

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