Monday, 11 April 2016

10th April 2016 - 22k Ashdown Forest Circular

A lovely Stroll though the Ashdown Forest where you can enjoy the long views, colourful countryside, and each uvvers company

We pose for you on the Crowborough Beacons

Brae sitted in a spikey plant but it took about 10 minutes to register in his head. I gived it a good sniffing so it would know who was boss.

Dirty paths are better to splash in paths

Brae said his tail resembled a flag, so he sticked it in the air...I fink it resembled an ..........erm.........tail

Idiot dog - See the action at this link

Brae collected some dirt on his belly, he said he wanted it for his bed.

I stopped and smiled for dad cos he had the camera fing

I stopped to take in the fresh air - I finked I must have been standing next to a poo or sumfink cos it was a but 'country'

We finded some norty Llamas and Alpakka fings standing around wiv their tungs out waiting to lick somebody.

Sometimes there was some sheep hiding in the trees and bushes wiv the birds so we had to have a lead on in case they attacked us

I did do a little pose

The gorses was in flower already - best not sit on a gorse bush cos it sticks in your bum

We did walk in the spirit of this map that Tony did sort out for us

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