Monday, 4 April 2016

28th March 2016 Westerham Circular

Mum did get a packet of walk cards for Christmas so we is working our way through the Kent section. They is a little bit sissy for us Adventurers, but dad says its ok cos there is a pub fingy at the end of it. 
This is looking over the village of Westerham. Dads car is parked somewhere over there and you can see the church where Me and Brae did have a dump.

All the kings orses and all the kings men, couldn't run up this hill as fast as Braego can.

This is my Majestic pose.... My one eared, Majestic pose.

I is sneaking up on my mum...shhhh

We is standing in a very large, green field

You can see for fecking miles.

I has got style

Sheepsys are disguised as me trying to fool Brae - worked too...

This is a rolling hillock - need I say more?

Finished our walk, now we just need to find the bakers for some pies or sossages...............mmmmm................sossages.

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